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DEFENDER 2020: A NATO Exercise for the Case of a War with Russia? Very unlikely / DEFENDER 2020: учения НАТО на случай войны с Россией? Крайне маловероятно

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DEFENDER 2020: A NATO Exercise for the Case of a War with Russia? Very unlikely.

Netfind of Gehlken, Ronald No. 123 of 26.02.2020

In the meantime we know that the UNO and NATO have long since been flattened and exist only for the public, so that there is no panic.

NATO = founded by the Vatican and the Zionist Jews, - a private company, mercenary troops.

- Just like the Bundeswehr, everything that is called - Bund - has nothing to do with Germany! UNO, - a private company, founder was D. Rockefeller 1942 on behalf of and for the Zionist Jews and the Vatican.

Task: - To keep the world permanently in commercial law and war via the enemy state clause against Germany and Japan.

The FRG and the GDR joined the UNO and the enemy state clause in 1973! How can the FRG and the GDR ever have had anything to do with the Germans?

Even the EU has long since been settled, - founded by Rothschild and the Vatican, a private company with purely private jurisdiction, private parliament, etc.

Everything is subject only to private law, not a member whether UNO, NATO, EU or any other organization has a state law.

They're all just Roman Catholic maritime corporations. (Admiralty Law) I thought about it for some time and came to the only possible conclusion. Based on the details known to us and some messages from whisperers, it makes sense.

We already know that the Satanic Vatican and the Satanic Zionists of the B'nai B'rith sect have been responsible for all the wars in the world for over 100 years.

The huge deployment of troops that Defender is currently experiencing is far too massive for an exercise, even a major one.

2 times already 20.000 US Marines (40.000) have landed here, with thousands of tracked vehicles, battle tanks, armoured reconnaissance vehicles etc.

These are already on their way to Poland. Now, these days, 8,000 Marines are being airlifted to Hamburg.

Why go to Hamburg, when the "exercise" will take place in Poland?

More troops are also to be landed at German North Sea ports by sea, with more tracked vehicles. Putin, too, is said to have already mobilized 500,000 reservists, or at least put them on alert.

A previously unconfirmed message from a whisperer.

A NATO exercise from a NATO that no longer exists!?

There's a whole other game going on here!!!

Don't panic about it!!! As it looks, the German Reich is again occupied by the Allies.

Which also makes sense.

As it looks like, troops are moving to Poland, new troops are moving through Germany towards Poland = Berlin.

2 Berlin is surrounded so that not a single one of these rats can escape.

The troops march into Berlin, conquer and occupy Berlin.

In Berlin a major exercise with US troops is also planned for 11.03.20.

According to international law, if the capital of a state is conquered and occupied, the whole state is considered occupied.

That's probably why the troops that are in Poland will march towards Berlin, the new troops that are landed will also march towards Berlin, then the sack will be closed.

(Note: it is also possible that parts of Poland will be occupied.)

The Defender logo also speaks for this.

The flaming sword of the Archangel Michael. With the flaming sword the deception of all mankind was begun, with the flaming sword of the Archangel Michael the deception and betrayal is now also ended.

Just look at the rainbow of the SHAEF logo, what the rainbow symbolizes today, we have long known.

This "warlike" occupation is necessary because the Allies cannot intervene otherwise without violating every law and international law.

The fully sovereign German Empire is occupied, no question.

The leaders of the occupying forces are the Vatican and the Zionist Jews of B'nai B'rith.

The occupying forces are paid collaborators, the German - sham - civil servants - with the many thousands of administrative employees. Category 1 + 2 war criminals as Eisenhower said.

These approximately 3 million collaborating collaborators (war criminals) have been occupying the German Reich since 1949 in exchange for payment for the Vatican and Zionist Jews, preventing it from acting.

(Note: all the officials in the administration have certainly not been informed of this.

Or just the ones in the crucial place) Therefore, the occupation by the collaborators must also be considered as an act of war.

An act of war must be met with warlike resistance. As soon as Berlin is occupied, the military prosecutors can begin their work.

The occupation by the Allies is to take place in March. (Whisperer says 11.03. !!!????)

As is known, the peace treaties with the German heir to the throne are planned for May 8.

Well, Russia, the USA, England, China etc. all want to get back into state law, but this is only possible via the German Empire.

The Queen has already been dethroned as is well known treason against the English people.

The Vatican is completely disempowered, the Zionists are on their last legs.

The 3 pillars of power have also fallen long ago.

NATO, UNO etc. everything flattened, the EU, founded by the Vatican and Rothschild, is also already done, it is only rattle on in the last few moves.

Why is it that the Deutsche Mark has been printed and embossed again for some time now?

Yes, I am very confident that there will be a new occupation, but this is to be seen as compensation for the occupation of 1945 - to 17.07.1990.

This would also free the Allies from their liability, which would completely ruin them.

From 1990 (03.10) the empire is only occupied by almost 47,000 private US companies = criminal organizations § 129 StGB.

Private war criminals, looters, terrorists, high traitors, collaborators who deliver 52% of their booty to the Vatican and Israel - B'nai B'rith - as stock profits. 3 For their remaining 48% of the plundered booty they pay taxes to the Vatican and to B'nai B'rith. - The increases of stupid, = more stupid, = German plunderer.

But the question of liability should be viewed positively, if we get rid of all the war criminals, it will be a win-win situation for both sides.

Also one should know about this, why should we hold today's America liable??

Realistically, the Allies were also occupied by the Vatican and the Jews of Zion.

The Russians since the October Revolution of 1918.

1913 really started for the Americans when the bought US President Woodrow Wilson sold the US State Bank (FED) to the B'nai B'rith rabble.

Rothschild then founded and introduced the world's first tax office to the Americans.

In 1929, the criminal alliance - Vatican - Masons - B'nai B'rith - America, with Black Friday, staged by them, did the rest and took over the entire economy. Presidents and politicians were appointed by the criminal alliance.

Except maybe Kennedy and Reagan. What happened to Kennedy is well known, Reagan was also assassinated.

Roosevelt, Eisenhower, the names alone tell you what camp they came from.

Bush, Clinton, Obama, criminally almost impossible.

What Eisenhower said in 1944, we do not come as liberators, we come to occupy a defeated enemy nation.

And he as well as all his successors kept their word! Until now Trump came and formed an alliance with Putin, Xi and then Johnson to drain the criminal swamp.

And a German Emperor is a thousand times better than a criminal like Frank Walter Steinmeier.

From which camp he comes the name already says.

We know that the Kaiser is an organic German.

And even if Trump doesn't play clean, we are rid of the Vatican and B'nai B'rith, Frank Walter and Anjela Kasner (Angela Merkel) as well, it can only get better.

But it is doubtful that this could be a wrong game of the new alliance.

Berlin is the last bastion of the deep state, today's core.

The 3rd power has planned this move for many years, they wanted to intervene militarily themselves, but they were forbidden to do so.

This 3rd power then used Trump to implement the new plans, it would be completely idiotic if the core of this criminal alliance would remain.

It would have been all for nothing!

The Vatican was already completely closed on 25.12.2012, it exists only for the faithful.

The preparatory work for the current situation. 21.06.2011 - The dissolution of Roman law - Romanus Pontifex. 11.07.2013 - The Moto Proprio, by Pope Francis.

There are no more jur. persons, there is no more immunity for politicians, judges etc., everything has been completely abolished.

Francis even had to go so far as to call the entire political rabble a criminal in his speech at the company - German Bundestag. (Worldwide) No, it would be a botch-up if anyone got away, the 3rd power does not do that to itself.

None of the 4th Trump, Putin, Xi and Johnson are acting in their own interest, and they too have their assigned tasks to fulfil.

4 Perhaps there will be regulations that we will not like so much, but anything is better than continuing to be plundered further by this sham officialdom in order to finance the goals of the deep state.

By the way, the 1st Iraq war was only financed by the Soli, completely everything was paid by German tax money. 6 million alleged refugees (officially 1.5 million) are financed from the tax pot, there is no money for pensions, kindergartens etc.

Refugees who are smuggled into an occupied war zone at the invitation of an Israeli company called the Federal Republic of Germany.

In 1914 the emperor declared a state of siege, martial law.

Everything has been frozen and lies under a thick sheet of ice, no one can reach it. In 1918 the war ended with an armistice.

In 1918 the emperor was put on a coup by the Jews and the SPD on behalf of the Vatican.

There are still no peace treaties! In 1942 the Zionist Jews and the Vatican founded the UNO.

Any state that did not want to join the UN and the enemy state clause against the German Reich of 1871 was not allowed to participate in world trade. It was purely a compulsory membership.

All states were transformed by high treason into maritime commercial states, which were only allowed to use private commercial law.

For state rights, all the conditions that a state must have were missing.

Everything, the whole world was based on lies and deceit!!

In the case of the German Empire of 1871, you have to imagine it like this, take Antarctica as an example (with good reason).

Below is the Green Land, the state, the real political and state legal basis.

Then came martial law, (1914) and over the state was a kilometre thick ice sheet.

As long as the ice sheet is over the state, no one can change anything, no one can get at the state, no one can change anything in the rights of citizens.

With the HLKO (Hague Land Warfare Order), the State of the German Empire ensured that all Germans retained their state rights.

Every German born on German soil is automatically also a member of the German Empire and has the right to use all legal bases of German citizens, even if he is currently on top of the ice cap.

Everything that moves on top of the ice sheet is private, pure simulation, fraud and betrayal.

No one could ever turn the German Reich citizens into juridical PERSONS by means of a PERSONAL ID or into Nazis by means of any freely invented ID laws.

The Weimar Republic, the 3rd Reich, the FRG, all just private law simulations about the Roman Catholic Church, which was banned from the Reich as early as 1872.

Only the 26 federal states of the German Empire are worldwide freed from all church constraints by the eternity guarantee of the Roman Catholic Church.

They all use only the roman catholic maritime commercial law - Admirality Law.

However, since the Vatican has already fallen and was already liquidated by the OPPT Act on 25.12.2012, this right does not even exist anymore.

The Vatican is also only a private company, wholesale of electrical appliances.

This is what it says in the UPIK company entry for the Vatican since 2013.

5 Through the Vatican, B'nai B'rith, Israel, the Zionist Jews, Freemasons, Jesuits, Skull & Bones, Illuminati etc... the world is held in private commercial law and in permanent world war by the UN.

And that's exactly where everybody wants to get out, nobody who is not a member of the Vatican, Israel and B'nai B'rith wants to get out of this criminal system, which is only about the interests of the Vatican and Israel to rule the world.

Of course, the big industry and the banking mafia also belong to it, they are all controlled and directed by the Vatican and B'nai B'rith.

Russia, too, will once again become a monarchy, so it is utter nonsense to believe in an exercise here in the image of Russia as the enemy.

In the whole world there is only applicable law = business conditions according to UCC, which can only be enforced as "law" by criminals by force.

And only through the peace treaties with the German Empire of 1871, with the German Emperor (legitimate heir to the throne), can the World War, which has been going on for over 100 years and which at that time had already been ignited by the Zionist Jews and the Vatican, finally be ended.

Only a legitimate heir to the throne can melt the ice sheet that lies over the empire.

The heir to the throne is ready to serve the people.

Everything, absolutely everything is subject to contract law and contracts must be observed.

The Vatican has breached the treaties many times by fraud. By forging a treaty with the Roman Emperor Constantinian (on his deathbed), the Vatican has usurped military power.

The Vatican has also been held responsible for the fraud against humanity and then finally lost its power at the end of 2012.

The 3rd power punishes everything, the 2nd power now executes it, the 1st power has already lost.

But above these 3rd powers there is another, much higher one, which supervises everything.

Any contract that is not signed in blue ink by all parties is invalid and based on fraud.

Here in the Reich, a great many collaborators will still have to answer to a military court.

I can't really imagine Trump and Putin playing a false game.

The English have disempowered their Queen, at the moment English troops are already landing in the German Reich with 6,000 vehicles, far too much for an exercise. About 10,000 US vehicles are already here.

What has never been seen before in any exercise, this huge contingent of military police and above all, why do over 7,000 administrative officials come to Germany with the troops?

This is just my opinion, my view of the current situation based on facts.

Most of you are aware of the facts I have listed here.



Спасибо! Очень интересный источник. Стоит перевести.

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