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Природные торсионные поля и антигравитация эпизод1 12сезон Уроки Мудрости с Дэвидом Уилкоком

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Эксмперименты с силовой формой

расшифровка эпизода на англ

I'm David Wilcock.
And this is "Wisdom Teachings".

Are there hidden energy fields that are generated, much like pyramid power, simply by the shapes of objects themselves?
Can we, in fact generate very similar healing effects and energetic c effects as we see from bee honeycombs using cheap household materials'?
Are there ways to actually get pain relief and heal in from these  very simple e technologies?
Can we find materials around our house right now that we can use to make this possible?
And are there already examples hiding out in the open of 'actual technology," if we wouldn't normally think of t that way, that has been used that has healing effects that we only now have the scientific knowledge to understand?
These are the questions we're going to answer in this exciting episode of "Wisdom Teachings."
Wei, there's a lot to cover in this episode if I'm going to get through it in 30 minutes because Grebennikov's work, this entomologist or insect scientist, is truly, truly groundbreaking.
Here's a guy, as we were saying, who has been studying insects, in this case, since at least the 1960s.
And in the 1980s, he fell as sleep on this particular sand dune that had tons and tons of adobe-like behaves inside where all-- you see those little holes are.
And when he brought some of those beehives back to his lab he discovered that if you waved your hand over it, you would feel heat.
You would fee tingling You might feel cold. You might feel a weird sense of pressure.
And it was a very noticeable effect that anybody could detect.
Then we also saw how he found that there was a way to build a physical detector that is very coo because it actual y moves n space as it gets bombed with these fields.
Now, up until now, this is all still kind of theoretical stuff.
But if you actually make one of these at home, you will be amazed because if you see something that's covered over and there's no way that air could be moving inside and it's been sitting in one direction and it sudden y just t its and moves, that is telekinesis' s.
It is amazing. It's really, really cool.
And the trick, again, is the idea that it's in the stick.
There's a little stick, as you can see in the diagram. bottom right, that is hanging on a spider web inside this glass jar, or it even could be other materials as well.
You put a little water at the bottom to repel static electricity.
And you dangle it on the spiders web For some reason, the organ c material's important.
And when you zap it with any of a variety of fields, including the ones that would come from a wasp nest, hornets' nest, or bees nest, it will actually move.
And it will point in the direction of where the field is coming from.
So this is something that you actually can do.
And again, it's the porosity of the burnt twig or the piece of charcoal.
It's the fact that it’s very light because there's all these little holes in it.
And somehow, those little holes actually allow this energy to be captured.
Now, imagine back when you have some guy walking through the field with a metal-tipped cane and the cane gets stuck to a lodestone which now we know is magnetic iron or ferrite.
But in the beginning, when his cane wouldn't pull off of that stone, it was amazing.
In the beginning, if you had a piece of metal on a table and you have a magnet and you can make the metal move, oh, wow - Look at it.
it's moving. It's amazing. Well, that's now just, oh, yeah, that's magnetism.
It's magnetic energy. Who cares? But in this case, getting that twig to move- that doesn't follow the normal rules of science.
So now we get all amazed about it.
We go, oh, wow. Look at the thing. It's moving. It's amazing.
So this is one of the cool things that Grebennikov has given us. You don't need to go any farther than this.
This device really does work.
You don't need to spend any money at all to build it.
So as he says here, "If you point an old wasps' nest, a bee honeycomb, a bunch of cereal ears at the upper end of the indicator, it will slowly move by a few dozen degrees.
There is no miracle here. The energy of scintillating electrons...
Well, it's not really electrons... cavernous bodies creates a total wave system in space."
So I had been reading about this.
And at the time, I was living in Virginia Beach.
And this was back in I want to say 2002 because the Grebennikov data had come out in 2001.
And at the time, I was very very excited about this.
Nobody had ever put together so much material as one scientist.
And it was all grounded in nature and organic life.
So life forms are using this.
And we just didn't realize it.
In this particular case, I did not have bees' nests or hornets' nests.
But what did have is something I'd found out about from other Russian  scientists.
And that s what's called a dynamo torsion generator.
So this is the machine that I have had I actually don't own one right now.
I've had two of them over time.
And people who lived with me invariably ended up wanting to take them.
So ended up not having one.
Now, what you're seeing here is, again, certain parts of it are made with metal certain parts of it are not.
There's a cap that you put on the top as you see in the left hand there.
And then what the right hand is holding it's made out of a kind of plastic polymer material.
There's a metal area at the op that has a hole in it.
and inside is a rotating magnetic coil.
This is the key element to this, and this is the coil as it looks.
This is a diagram that he made Now, what are we actually seeing here?
Imagine that the area that you would see as number , which is the larger gray parts of this magnetic circle that in that case, the north-to-south magnetic polarity is actually traveling lengthwise along the circle.
So it's going around the circle that away.
It's going east to west, if you will.
But then notice that you have little chips that are labeled number 2.
And those chips actually have a vertical magnetic polarization, meaning that the North Pole is pointed up.
And the South Pole is pointed down.
So you have two opposing magnetic currents here.
and then the final element is that this device needs to be rotated with
as little other metal around it as possible except for the tip at the top.
Let me be very, very clear about something.
Even a ring about this big is as large as you would want to build  before it becomes dangerous.
So if someone were to build a larger magnetic ring of this sort and then start spinning it, you could get in a lot of trouble.
You could actually have guys coming to your house, knocking on the door and telling you that you are creating a threat to the safety and security of the United States government or whatever country you are in.
And the reason why is that this is the equivalent of a propeller churning the gravitational field.
Over and over again, when we look at how this stuff actually works, it has to do with perpendicular magnetic fields.
And there's something about that perpendicular field that will grab onto the gravitational field because remember electrostatic, electromagnetic, and gravity are all actually interrelated.
So if you get these magnetic 90-degree angle polarities going and then you spin the whole thing, it's the same thing as if you have a propeller on a motorboat.
And notice that you get his long current that will appear in the water after the propeller. 
Now, that's called collimated. And a collimated beam means a nice, tight, narrow beam, similar, kind of, to a laser.
So this device actually can be used to create healings.
And it can do some pretty amazing stuff.
So in this particular case, I had gotten this device.
And I said, well, OK, I've got to figure out if I can detect the device if can detect the beam that it's making with the Grebennikov detector.
So there was some funny things that happened I had the corner of  apartment at the time I had a little stereo system.
And there was a plant growing next to it.
And I built the Grebennikov detector.
I just used a peanut butter jar, a little burnt twig, a piece of spider web little water at the bottom, like I said.
And I just used a pencil over the top.
And then what I did is took my torsion field detector.
And I aimed it at this thing.
And I turned it on.
You got to plug it in.
Now, bear in mind also, you're never supposed to use the torsion field generator for more than 15 minutes every three days.
And if you do more than that, you actually will get sick.
And they call this a balneological reaction.
For some reason and I've never been able to figure out exactly why, but if you go up to 15 minutes, it has a very positive healing effect.
But if you go over 15 minutes, you get a very upsetting, bad illness.
You can it bring water down You feel nauseated.
You have cold sweats.
You have trouble sleeping.
You can't keep any food down. So this is really serious.
And I even used myself as a guinea pig and said, well, what if I do this and then take a bunch of probiotics?
Will that make it go away?
No, because I thought maybe it was killing all the probiotics.
Maybe they all got resonated out somehow.
That didn't it make an effect.
So you really don't want to mess with this thing too much.
Apparently, you can get to the point that you can learn to be around it.
But it's tough It takes a long time.
So I aimed this little guy at the needle. 
And sure enough almost as if some haunted hand from a ghost just grabbed it and moved it I couldn't believe it.
I was so excited. 
But after a while, now, it's just pointing in the direction of the beam.
You want to try something else.
So I played around with this.
And what noticed was that when moved the direction of the beam, it
started to get harder and harder to make the needle move. 
It would still move.
But it would take even longer.
And then I remembered, that's right, it's the latent vacuum structuring
It's the fact that when I held it in the first position, I got this current going.
And that current still wants to spin.
Another really interesting thing that happened was when I had this beam, I was taking it to certain scientific conferences that I was going to at the time.
And I was going around.
I was giving people treatments with it because you do definitely  feel something when somebody zaps you with this beam.
And was keeping it inside my laptop case that 1 had at the time.
So after I was finished I would do a little treatment.
I'd put it back in the case.
My laptop wasn't in there.
Then I flew home.
And when I got home my laptop no longer worked.
heard this screeching noise.
The hard drive wouldn't run.
And I tried it again and again.
Nothing would happen.
I eventually removed the hard drive from the laptop, left it on my counter top for over a week.
And then I was going to send it to data recovery to try to get my data back because I had some very important stuff on there. it before I finally committed to that I said, let me just pop it
back in and try one more time.
And then it said, "Last boot attempt failed.
Would you like to boot again?
I hit the Y. I hit Enter.
And it came up.
But then, from then on the computer never really worked right.
It had weird problems.
It would just crash.
And this actually is a classic effect as described by the Russian research.
And the reason why is, apparently, that when you have a computer chip, the way that a transistor works on the silicon is that you have this little kit that the electrons pit themselves into.
And when that pit is full of electrons, it closes the circuit.
And that means the switch is on.
When the electrons are taken out of the pit and the pit is empty, now the switch is open because you can't get anything to go through it.
There's no current passing through. 
So interestingly enough, what appears to be happening is that these torsion fields fill, actually fill those pits and cause the transistors to misfire, to appear to be closed when they're actually open or vice versa.
And this will really damage computers.
And it's so funny because I've had skeptics come to my conferences.
I've demonstrated this device and what it does.
And people cross their arms and [SCOFFING]
All right.
Well, here's a waiver.
Sign the waiver.
And let's experiment on your computer.
If you don't think this is going to do anything, let me zap your laptop r right now.
And let's see what happens.
Nobody's ever taken me up on that challenge, and they shouldn't because I actually killed two laptops and one computer with this kind of a beam
before I understood what was going on.
And so this is a very mild form of an Electromagnet c Pulse, or EMP.
And if it's more powerful, it will just completely wipe out electronics
So this technology is potentially destructive.
But again, even this little thing the size of a flashlight can do an awful lot  So again, the interesting thing was that I was playing around with this little detector.
And had a plant nearby.
And in the aftermath of doing these experiments the plant had these large leaves that would come down like this.
One of the leaves that was right where the beam was got ridiculously larger in size, length, and width than all the other leaves on the plant.
It was like a comedy joke.
I couldn't believe it.
And it validated another aspect of the science, which was showing how plants will grow much faster if they're zapped with this energy.
I saw it myself.
Those who have doubts about whether this works are invited to visit the Agroecology Museum near Novosibirsk. 
The same museum displays an always-active painkilling device made out of honeycomb.
This is really cool. 
It is a chair with an overhead cap that has a few empty but intact combs of the honeybee, dry honeycombs in beekeeper vocabulary, in it. 
So this is actually what it looks like.
You have a chair.
You have a metallic pole. 
And then you have these boxes.
And inside the boxes are stacked layers of honeycombs.
And in this same paper, he actually links to his patent  with Russia.
And you can see here that it's patent number 2 06 509 C1.
And you can see the person in the chair, the box overhead.
And he's claiming that it makes a pain relief effect.
And he is claiming that it makes a pain relief effect.
You could not do that in America because of the FDA.
But look at what he says here.
Anyone who sits in this chair will, after a few minutes, almost certainly feel something. please write to me what you feel, I'll be grateful. while those with a headache, in just a few minutes, will say goodbye to the pain at least for a few hours.
My painkillers are, successfully used in many parts of the country.
And I have made no secret about my discovery.
So here is another mage.
Again, now you're seeing what would be four dry honeycombs not in a box, but just open y exposed with a lady sitting underneath it.
And so this s something that really works. 
And if you don't want to get the dry honeycombs, there's other ways to do it as he's about to mention.
"Your hand will clearly sense the emanations if you take it from below, palm up to the cap, better still, of tin where the bee honeycombs are.
The cap could be made of cardboard, veneer, or better still, tin, with tightly sealed seams."
And again, this is like the Wilhelm Reich devices, where you have non-conductive and conductive material.
You have meta and wool or organic and non-organic.
And it's the layering of the metal and the organic material that actually makes the effect even stronger.
So in this case, he's saying the strongest works if you use tin.
This is yet another gift we get from insects. There was another mystery revealed to me by my insect friends.
It turned out that to attract their pollinators, flowers use not only color, odor, and nectar, but also a similar wave beacon that is powerful and unstoppable.
I discovered it with a drawing coal - a burnt twig - by passing it over large, bell-shaped flowers like tulips, lilies, amaryllises, mallows, or pumpkins.
Already at a distance I could feel a breaking, as it were, of this detector, a noticeable resistance."
So this is another thing you can try at home gain, drawing charcoal would work the best.
And what you do is you get near a flower.
And you hold it very, very lightly in your hands.
This is similar to the idea of a dowsing rod.
And you just very slowly move around the flower.
And as you're in front of the flower you will actually feel a slight tugging because, again, just like with his detector, that little burnt stick with all the pores ins de-- it wants to be in the field of that flower.
So here, again, is another interesting way to detect the same fields and plants that Wagner was detecting by actually noticing a gravitational effect.
There is a subtle change in gravity around these towers.
Gravity actually works little differently.
And insects can sense that.
And it pulls them in.
It's really, really cool.
Soon was able to find a flower in a dark room, standing one or two meters away from it, with no light at all, only if it had not been moved, because if you move the flower, then you'll have a false target that is left behind in its old place.
And this was "the residual phantom that I already mentioned."
So there, again now, this is not something I've actually tried at home.
Maybe you'll be inspired and you want to try this.
Try it with a nice, big flower.
And leave it in one place or have somebody put it in a certain place in the room here it hadn't been in there before.
Go in, once you've [earned how to do this, and see if you can actual y douse the flower. And that's one of many cool experiments you can try at home.
I do not possess any supersensory abilities.
And any person, after some training, would be able to do the same.
Instead of coal, you could use a 10-centimeter-long piece of a yellow sorghum stem or a short pencil  whose rear end should be facing the flower."
So again, the pencil, remember, the pencil has a charcoal type of lead inside.
And again, it's got that porous material.
So even just a regular pencil will have the right material to do this.
But obviously the charcoal stick is the best.
Some people would  be able to feel the flower - a warm, cold, or shivering sensation emanating from it - even with their bare hands, their tongues, or  their faces.
As many experiments demonstrated, children and adolescents are particularly sensitive to these waves of matter.
As for bees that nest underground, their know edge of this Cavity Structural Effect is vital for them, first of all, because it  enables the builder of a new gallery to stay away from any neighboring nests." 
They know where they are.
Otherwise the entire bee-city  would be cut through with intersecting holes and collapse, be cut through with intersecting holes and collapse."
So this is how nature keeps it all organized.
Secondly, plant roots cannot be allowed to grow down into the galleries and honeycombs.
Thus the roots will stop a few centimeters away from the honeycomb, or else, when they feel that nests are near, they will start growing off to the side".
That prevents them from being invaded.
The latter conclusion was confirmed by many experiments I did on sprouting weed seeds in a strong, as compared to the seeds germinating in the same climatic conditions, but without CSE field. 
Photographs and drawings show both dying of roots in  the experimental batch and   their sharp deviation   a direction away from my artificial honeycomb".
So here you go.
Notice on the bottom right,you're seeing the arrows.
This is where he's put the generator, which is just again, another beehive or a bundle of straws.
And notice that all of the roots are clearly pointing away from this fie d.
So when the bees generate this inside a piece of dirt, like a anthill kind of thing, those plants will not be able to grow in.
The natural protection makes it so that doesn't it happen.
And here's another illustration   of hard to see where he's showing the germinating patterns of the seeds and how they always move away from this field.
Now, this s what I was talking about before My pocket, battery-powered calculator would often malfunction in the CSE field.
It either would "err", meaning it would fail, or sometimes, its display window would fail to light up for hours at a time.
I used the field of a wasps' nest, combined with that of my two palms, because actually, you hands generate these fields.
None of these structures had any effect on the calculator in isolation.
In other words, the calculator is fine unless you zap it with this field.
That, again, is exactly what I discovered with the dynamic torsion generator, which is, again, this rotating magnetic ring.
That really will do a number on computers.
And again, this s why I'm not giving order information for the thing.
The scientist who invented this would not se I it to you unless you could prove to him that you were going to do legitimate scientific research with it and that you were a psychic because if you are not intuitive enough,you're not going to feel when you've had too much.
And you can get really, really sick. 
And also this could be used destructively.
You could beam it at somebody else and make them sick.
So this is not something that I'm saying you should be using at home.
It should only be used under respectable laboratory conditions because it can cause a lot of problems, including malfunctioning electrical equipment
And if somebody had a bad sense of what they want to do with it, they could cause trouble, for sure.
I will also note that hands with their tubular phalanxes, joints, ligaments, blood vessels, and nails are actually intense emitters of the Cavity Structural Effect.
Your hands are capable of giving a powerful push to a straw or a coal indicator of this little instrument from a couple of meters' distance.
Practically anyone could do it.
So what's interesting here, and this is jumping a little bit ahead but he talks about how you can make a pyramid out of straws and hang it on a string.
And notice the position of the hands.
This is very important.
What you want to do, if you're going to try to use your hands to do this the best way, to make the strongest signal, is you act as if you are wrapping  your hands around a cylinder or tube that might be about, let's say, five inches wide.
And so you have this shape with your hands.
And you just hold them out in front of you because your whole body is becoming like a beacon now.
And even the shape of your arms being like a triangle, you actually become an antenna It harnesses your own energy.
And sure enough you can just hold your hands like this and aim it at someone.
And that will cause some really interesting effects.
Now, what I did, which was actually really stupid, was that I took my dynamic torsion generator and I put that between my hands.
After I was doing this experiment,  I got tired of seeing the little needle  move.
I have this little guy.
I wanted to try something cool.
So I aimed it out the window, plugged it in, actually went out on the porch and ran the power cord through the window.
I started by aiming out the window.
Then I went outside.
And I aimed it at a point in the sky.
And I kid you not, this was the weirdest thing.
First of all, I saw a little flash of lightning in the area where I was aiming it.
And then over the course of only maybe about two minutes, the weather suddenly got really crazy.
It went from being relatively sunny to clouds coming in and winds starting to blow.
And as I'm holding this thing, over the course of on y about 120 seconds, I've got this crazy wind.
Everything is going nuts.
And I'm like-- and it's starting to rain, starting to get really intense.
And remember what we talked about with Pier Luigi Ighina, that he built one
a machine like this on the top of his house, on his roof.
And it was a propeller land the propeller would get spinning.
And then he would actually be able to open up a hole in the clouds.
Well, this seems to be what's going on is these counter-intersecting magnetic fields where you got the east-west and the north-south only on a larger scale in this case.
So I start to get really worried.
I'm thinking, OK, I'm modifying the weather here.
And I'm using my body as an antenna to do that.
And this could actually be real y hurting me I could be using my own energy inadvertently.
So went back inside.
I unplugged the machine, put the cap on.
And in almost the exact number of seconds that it took for this very intense wind literally, the trees are whipping back and forth everything went away.
And within about 120 seconds, it all went right back to the way it had been before.
And so that showed me that with the combination of my conscious intent, using my body as an antenna, and this device, that I was still able to get a weather control effect similar to what can be done with much larger machines
And again, some people, with the power of their pineal gland, don't even need a machine at all.
Many of us actually can create wind and rain just by our intent on.
But again, this is a very powerful tool.
The research shows that holding your hands in this shape gives it the strongest beam that you can generate with your own energy fields.
This is why I am convinced that there are no people with supersensory abilities, or rather, that all the people have them.
And the number of those who, from a distance, can move lightweight objects on a table, hold them suspended in the air, or magnetically attached to the hand is far greater than s usually thought.
Try it yourself!
So this is really amazing stuff.
And there's a lot of other stuff you can do that's very simple, that really works. 
And just to give you a little teaser, if you actually have a bookshelf, a those books and all the pages inside the books that, in and of itself, generates this type of energy field.
So it's interesting, historically, that college students and others would go to a library because when you're in the library, for some reason you can concentrate really well.
And all the books are there.
So you can do your research.
Well, now what we're seeing is that actually just having stacks of books on your wall, and I like to always have a bookshelf near where
I'm working that is generating this energy that will actually help you to think more  clearly to focus better, and to have a much higher level of spiritual insight.
The number of different experiments that you can do at home that will generate these effects are truly remarkable.
I'm David Wilcock.
This is "Wisdom Teachings," bringing you the information you need that will set you free.
Thanks for watching.

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Природные торсионные поля и антигравитация эпизод1 12сезон
ниже дана расшифровка на английском


I'm David Wilcock,  and this is "Wisdom Teachings".
Out of ail of the ensemble of abilities that we apparently will get in this ascension that so many ancient cultures prophesied, perhaps the single most exciting one is levitation.
Imagine your body being able to fly through the air by nothing more than the power of thought.
Are there any secret hidden laws of nature that might allow this to happen, things that we have easily overlooked in our current mainstream understanding of science?
Can we find examples of levitation actually occurring
in plants?
How does the sap actually rise up a very tall tree to get up into the branches?
Are there any flaws in the conventional model of sap transfer?
And what happens when we start to explore the world of a prominent biologist who has discovered things that completely turn scientific orthodoxy upside down?
These are some of the enigmatic questions we're going to tackle in this week's episode.
So I want to set up this new season with some ‘interesting questions to kind of look back at what we've been examining and the scientific case that we've been building up, the model of the universe, and start to look at gravity in a new way.
Let's not forget what we were talking about before with our two Caltech scientists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Тrnка.
Once again, they discovered the secret history of quantum physics, which is that all of the universe in space and time is really emanating out of a single point, a seed, if you will.
So the universe is like a tree, but it all blossomed out of this one tiny object.
But you can't even really define it as a size, because it's also the size of the whole universe.
And everything in the universe fractalizing off of this.
So a star would be actually a fractal where the boundary has become spherical.
And that means that there's all kinds of stuff going on in there.
So space becomes an illusion. Time becomes an illusion.
The only thing that's real y there is the geometry.
And so it appears that we are dealing with separate objects.
It appears that we're dealing with galaxies, planets that are separate, stars when in fact, they're all from those stars, et cetera, emanating from a single point.
We've a so talked about the geometry aspect.
And we've talked extensively now about clymatics, the science from Dr. Hans Jenny, where he looked at the vibrations that occur in water when you have sand in it.
f you introduce those vibrations, the sand goes from being a milky, muddy color, where it just looks like muddy water, to these incredibly gorgeous mandala-type patterns of geometry that the sand naturally assembles into.
And they stay the same as long as you keep playing the same frequency.
But when you change the frequency, the sand goes on the move.
The sand starts moving around from one place to another.
So that is a force that causes sand to get on the go.
It causes movement.
Now, what is the idea of movement in the universe?
What is the force that we associate with things moving? Gravity.
So now we have a way of looking at gravity differently. What if gravity is resonance?
In other words, if you look at one Hans Jenny frequency and you see the geometry there, and then the geometry changes, those sand particles are now on the go.
And it's frequency that moved them around.
Could that actually be the same thing as gravity?
Could gravity actually be simply the result of this vibrational universe?
Well, I want you to think deeply about the implications of what just said, because if frequency is the secret of gravity, then that means that we could potentially manipulate gravity by manipulating frequency.
And what's even more interesting than that for me is the idea that frequency itself can be like attuning fork, where certain structures naturally attract the right frequencies.
And those frequencies could counteract gravity.
So now we're barging into a whole new area of science that our traditional military-industrial complex Cabal type infrastructure has not wanted us to know.
They do not want us to understand that gravity is not some mysterious force that scientists have such a hard time understanding.
Gravity is fundamentally alterable by altering frequency behavior.
And this brings us to a very interesting and enigmatic scientist from late 1800s named John Ernst Worrell Keely.
And Keely is even before Tesla in terms of all the really interesting stuff that he was doing having experiments involving frequency and the manipulation of gravity.
Now, Кееllу is somebody who really deserves multiple episodes just on his own.
I'm only going to give you a couple of highlights here really quickly.
But for example, one of the things he discovered was that there were certain frequencies that would cause water to spit between hydrogen and oxygen.
And this has been either emulated by  his work or rediscovered by other scientists now who have developed water cars, where you can actually get hydrogen out of water, and oxygen comes out of the tailpipe, so it's totally nonpolluting and actually gives us oxygen.
But the amount of hydrogen in just a gallon of water соuld run the car for much, much longer than a typical gallon of gasoline.
And you can retrofit it into an existing car.
So all the way back in the 1800s, Keely was playing around and found a very precise frequency that he could generate that would cause hydrogen and oxygen to disassociate.
Now, think about that for a second.
There's a very strong force ho ding the atom together.
And as we've said before with the Dr. Robert Moon model of quantum physics.
That's the model as I said, where the geometric nucleus becomes paramount.
The protons now are the corners of a geometry.
Well, you get rid of strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, and now you're back to only really two forces n the universe, which is gravity and electromagnetism.
And so we have talked a lot about the idea that what's really holding the atom together s gravity.
The behavior between the nucleus and the electrons is the same as the behavior around the event horizon of a black hole.
Nassim Haramein has talked about that.
He won a Belgian physics prize for proving that.
Plus what's interesting is the idea that if the atom is actually powered by gravity, then what we also have is charge polarity, where the electrons are negative and the nucleus is positive, the protons.
So actual y, the flow of electrical current a so is a gravitational flow.
And as we've talked about before, that gets into this idea of electrogravity, the idea that f you have a very high electrostatic charge that you will get a gravitational thrust.
That's all true.
And I want to be clear that is true But you can also manipulate gravity with frequency.
You don't need electrostatics This is another way to do it.
So one of the things that Keely did was to be able to split apart hydrogen and oxygen in the atoms of water without a problem.
They came apart. That's like a gravitational repulsion, right?
But what's really cool is that he actually was able to build a flying craft witnessed by people in the military.
And this is right around before World War I, actually.
It was even before that.
was this disc-like platform. And what he had supposedly that he stood on with all оf these  different  types of tuning forks on it.
resonating, but he And they were self certain ones resonate or not.
could touch them and make And depending on how he tweaked this system, it would go off the ground, and he could propel it in certain directions.
Literally through nothing more than frequency, he discovered the secret, which was that frequency could manipulate gravity.
And the groaner, right the groaner or maybe it's not.
Maybe it's ultimately a good thing is that these military generals who were there witnessing this event said that the machine was so weird and clunky.
It's a total steampunk kind of thing.
It's a very weird-looking platform.
It has no practical military value.
Wei, this was before the Wright brothers had built the airplane.
They didn't see how you could put bombs on this thing.
And maybe it's just as well, because a lot more people would have died if Keely's technology had been taken seriously.
But it went deep black.
It went undercover.
The point being, if you really get into Keely we will later there's a whole amazing science of this man who was able to get anti-gravity just with sound.
That is real y important, because you could do it
with a sound frequency, or as I said, there are certain structures that actually act as frequency tuning forks.
In other words, let's say gravity is moving through something.
And n the course of moving through something,
it's creating a vibration.
So if the shape that you make is just the right shape or if you could manipulate the atoms in that object to get the right frequency then gravity doesn't push it down anymore. My view of gravity, as I've been saying this whole time, is that gravity is а tug of war game.
And there's two forces that are actually fighting each other when it comes to gravity.
There s the downward pushing force.
That's how we're going to look at that now.
Gravity is the energy flowing into all the atoms of the Earth to make the Earth moment by moment.
The atoms are feeding on gravity.
Gravity is what causes them to exist.
And that gets, again, back to the quantum level that atoms are gravity-powered.
Gravity is the flow that keeps them going like a candle flame that keeps burning.
So think about a mosquito getting stuck into a screen window.
And wind is blowing through, but the mosquito gets stuck to the screen.
Now imagine gravity as this force blowing into the Earth, and it's blowing us down, holding us on the surface as it goes down.
But what I'm also saying is that there is a counteracting force that many of these alternative researchers have called levity.
And levity goes up.
So think of gravity like a tug of war.
pressing force.
You've got an upward.
They're almost exactly the same.
But the downward pressing force wins by a little bit.
So how do I explain that?
Well, I said that the atoms inside the Earth are like little gravity-powered vortexes.
But think about a whirlpool inside a stream.
The whirlpool appears to have its own stable existence, but it's only made by water flowing n and flowing back out.
So just like with the atoms, the gravity has to flow in and it has to flow back out.
And several physicists've studied have looked at the idea that the outflow of gravity coming out of the atom is almost as much as what goes in.
So it has an upward pressing force.
It has a levity force.
So that means that right now-- let's assume you are probably sitting down as you're watching this.
You might be lying down, but let's say you're sitting down.
Some force is pushing you into your chair, but at the same time, it's pushing you up.
So what if there was a way that you could kind of bend the rules a little bit, and change your frequency so that the force that wants to push you down can't stick to the atoms in your body.
Just a little bit.
You don't even have to do it that much.
Just a little bit.
Then what's going to happen?
If the downward force and the upward force
are slightly out of sync, they're slightly non-harmonic,
then the upward force is the one that's left.
The upward force is still there.
So if you could dial in that frequency, then you get pushed up and you actual y levitate.
So that's the model.
Now again, this is a little complicated.
I'm sorry if you're having any trouble understanding this.
All you really have to do is think of the tug of war.
and the idea that there's two opposing forces, and that with the right frequency tricks, like what
Keely discovered, all Keely did with that platform is get it at the right resonance so that the atoms of his body and the atoms of that ship that gravity was moving through them without sticking on the way down.
They're jiggling just the right way that gravity slips in between.
But levity is still working, and levity goes whoop, and pushes it up.
So this is where it gets really, really cool because certain structures, certain shapes might automatically do this, and it just works.
You don't even need moving parts.
And that appears to be what trees are actually doing.
We've all bought into a lie.
We've looked at the idea of sap rising up through trees.
It's a total levitation effect.
But all we think about s it being like a straw.
But the straw model doesn't work.
So again, you don't have to take my word for it.
There's a very prominent scientist from Caltech who s done an amazing job going through all this, and his name s Dr. Orin Wagner.
And he doesn't like Orin.
He only usually uses the first initial O. His middle name is Ed, so he usually goes by Ed.
But we'll call him Dr. Orin Wagner for now.
And he has independently rediscovered the same science that so many other scientists we've talked about on this show have, which call the source field.
The traditional Russian physics name for t is torsion fields.
He discovered this in рlants, and he discovered some very amazing ant -gravity effects scientifically.
So here's a picture of Dr. Orvin Wagner.
And this is a picture of his website, which That's the title.
Wagner Research Laboratory Home Page, darkmatterwaves.com.
Notice that he has two halves.
He has the plant cosmology division.
Now, one of the things that he s selling on this website that you can only get by mail order  is this book, called ,Waves in "Dark Matter" b O. Ed Wagner.
Again, he usually doesn't like the name Orvin.
He gets rid of that.
Wants to be called Ed.
I want you to look really carefully at this title graphic, to see what's happening here.
He's got the sun, and he's got this weird DNA-like wave coming off the sun.
And notice that where the nodes of the wave are and he gives you this wave diagram right here.
So let's just look at that for a second.
You  have nodes and antinodes.
And the wave in this case would be like a string.
So try to understand what you're seeing here.
Where it says node on the far left and node on the far right,
those two bars would be what the string is mounted to.
And if it's like a guitar string and you pluck it,
if it's at the right frequency, then what will happen
five standing wave pattern or envelope.
is that you can actually look at it up close,
live standing wave pattern or envelope.
the string is going up and down but similar to a seesaw where and a seesaw, you have people gong this way and that way.
But there's a fulcrum.
That's the scientific term.
There's a balance point in the middle that doesn't move.
So in the same case with a vibrating string, you'll have nodes.
You'll have these areas where the string is moving up and down on either side, but then where the node is, the string stays still.
So the node s the point where everything gets pushed to, because the rest of the string is going to move things around.
So again, this gets into the idea of gravity being a frequency, that there's something moving.
There's a wave.
And it's pushing things towards the nodal point.
So the node for the Earth in this case would be like the center, and we're getting pushed towards the center as these waves go in.
So let's now look again back at his book соver, because there s a lot of stuff hiding in here.
He's got that wave coming out of the sun.
And notice that here the nodes are, he's showing you that's where the planets are located.
We're going to get into that in the next episode, not this one.
But he's done some amazing work on that.
And then notice that he s got this yellow line going along the ground of the Earth, which is clearly being fed by this energy from the sun, which he's calling a dark matter wave.
And then notice that it is actually traveling up the trunk of the tree, and creating the same wavelengths and node patterns.
So part of what he's done to get into this idea that plants can communicate with each other using this basic science of waves.
And again, the nodes are important, because what he discovered was that these node points do exist on trees, and that where the node points are located, you get a higher electrostatic charge.
You get more static energy that you can measure scientifically.
So this, again, gets into the idea of the equivalence between gravity and electromagnetism, that where there's greater static there's also going to be greater gravity.
Now, that's very, very minor.
But he also discovered some really cool anti-gravity.
So first we're going to talk about the aspect of trees communicating.
Now, many of these scientists who discover this come up with their own term for the energy fields, because they haven t seen other studies about it.
They've discovered this independently.
So he actually called them W-waves for whatever reason.
That's what he came up with.
So this is on a site that talks about Keely, "RexResearch", many other things.
Ed Wagner says he has found evidence that trees talk to each other in a language that he calls W-waves.
If you chop into a tree, you can see that that adjacent trees put out an electrical pulse, said Wagner.
So this gets into a very similar thing as what was discovered by our lie detector scientist, Dr. Cleve Backster, where he took the lie detector that actually measures electrical fluctuations in the skin, and hooked it up to the leaves of a plant.
And the amazing thing that Backster discovered was that by simply thinking about threatening the plant, in this case, burning it, without actually burning the leaves, the plant screamed electrically.
It actually has this massive electrical spike in its fluctuation.
So consciousness alone could do this.
Now, in Wagner's case, he's not having his mind cause these effects.
And remember, with Backster. as I've discussed in other episodes, he found this with microorganisms.
He found this with bacterial cells.
He did it with yogurt.
He did it with chicken eggs from the refrigerator, regular eggs you buy in the store.
That's why you want to bless your food.
Vegetables are doing this.
So even if you're a vegetarian or vegan, you still have to bless your food.
And it goes right through human cells, where we have scientists like NASA astronauts, Dr. Brian O'Leary in this case, gives a blood sample in a lab in San Diego, and then flies back to Phoenix, Arizona, and writes down every time something upsetting happens to him on the way.
And every time he gets shocked, his cells in the lab do the same thing.
They have an equal react on.
And I did at one point have a film shoot with Backster before his death.
And I actually was able to make the p ant yell on command, because Backster was supposed to be acting if the plant actually didn't scream in our key scene, he wasn't going to act like it did.
So I actually sent my energy to this plant, and said, I'm going to rip you apart.
I'm going to burn you.
got really angry at the plant.
And right at that moment that did that, he goes, whoa-ho-ho, we got a reaction here.
And so I got the performance out of him I needed.
Basically, I was the assistant director on the shoot.
That was many years ago.
So in this case, the way the p ant is being traumatized is by chopping into it with an axe.
And what he found what Wagner found was that the plants sent signals tо еасh оther that absolutelу were not electromagnetically based, and they were not based on chemicals or pheromones, either.
It's a wave.
And this fits in perfectly with Backster, fits in perfectly with Russian science.
This is a guy that just happened to find all this on his own.
So let's keep reading.
So if you chop into a tree, adjacent trees put out an electrical scream.
Very interesting.
This indicates that they are in direct communication with each other. 
Explaining the phenomenon, Wagner pointed to a blip on a strip chart recording of the electrical pulse coming off of a tree.
It puts out a tremendous cry of alarm, he said.
So the tree is screaming, just like what Backster saw.
The adjacent trees put out smaller screams, in much the same way.
Isn't that cool?
So before we go any further here, just so that you understand who we are talking about,
I took something from the end of the article and put it up here, because this guy is not fluff.
This guy is a hardcore academic with multiple published papers in reputable mainstream scientific journals.
So again, we don't want to hear skeptics trying to say this is pseudoscience, or this is quack science, or fake news.
This is real.
This guy is a breakthrough engineer, who's come up with something that similar to Galileo, where the priests don't want to look through the telescope.
So let's look at his credentials now.
Wagner at this time was 58 years оld.
This was in the 1990s.
Holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Tennessee.
So he is a PhD.
And he formerly worked at the very prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Tennessee.
And for five years he taught physics at California State Polytechnic University, which is Caltech.
So this guy, he's got a doctorate.
He worked at Oak Ridge.
He's been a college professor five years at Caltech.
And then he goes back and he was so fascinated by this plant research that he gets another degree in electronics.
Take a look. He returned to his family home in Wilmer about 15 miles east of Grants Pass...
this is Tennessee in the 1970s.
So he left Caltech after five years, and established his own private laboratory.
Maybe he had enough money he could kind of retire.
And then about six years ago, he earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton in Ohio.
Now, that's dedication.
He was so fascinated by these signals that the p ants were creating when he chopped into them, just to make sure that it соuldn't possiblу be an electrical effect, that there was no electromagnetic explanation, he actually goes and gets a degree in electrical engineering.
And of course, what he learned was, nope, this discovery cannot be explained by anything having to do with electricity.
An abstract of his research was published last fall in Northwest Science magazine, which at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.
So this is another reputable publication.
People have known he says, there was communication between trees for several years, but they try to explain in ©️ away by saying that trees are producing chemicals.
And you've probably heard that as well.
That's the conventional view.
That's what everybody's comfortable with.
But it doesn't really work that way.
But I think the real communication is much quicker and more dramatic than anything.
These trees know within a few seconds what is happening around them.
This is an automatic response.
And by the way, this is exactly what Dr. Cleve Backster discovered, which apparent y Dr. Wagner doesn't know about Backster.
It's the kind of thing where you can threaten one type of life, and another type of life responds.
So for example, there was one of Backster's infamous experiments where he throws an antibiotic into yogurt, and then other yogurt in another room that's hooked up to an electrical monitor screams at the moment that that yogurt is dying in the other room from being killed by an antibiotic.
So we already know from Backster that this is how it happens.
But what's coo is that Dr. Wagner scientifically measured the speed that these impulses actually travel through trees.
And it ends up being 3 feet per second.
Wagner has measured the speed of what he's calling W-waves at about 3 feet per second through trees and about 15 feet per second through the air. 
Isn't that interesting?
So it goes like five times faster if it's traveling through the tree than if t has to travel through the air.
So of course, there are going to be other types of waves that are nearly instantaneous.
That's why Dr. Brian O'Leary, as he travels from San Diego to Phoenix, is writing down what happens to him that causes him stress, and his cells in the lab are screaming whenever he has stress.
But in the plant kingdom, perhaps maybe because the level of consciousness is not as high as ours, it travels more slowly.
And so what Wagner is considering is that this speed of three feet per second in the tree or 5 feet per second in air, yeah, so its faster in the air, because 15 feet per second is actually a lot faster.
So that’s an important point. 3 feet per second is slower. 15 feet per second is faster.
So this is a very cool discovery, because it quantifies more of what Backster was discovering, and it's independent without him even knowing about Backster.
And he ends up expanding this idea into a huge cosmology, which we're going to get into in the next episode.
They travel much too slowly to be electrical waves, he said.
And of course, he got a degree to prove that.
They seem to be an altogether different entity.
That's what makes them so intriguing.
They don't seem to be electromagnetic waves at all.
So instead, he believes that what he s seeing is called a standing wave.
Now, a standing wave is a wave that actually stands in place, just like this idea of the geometry.
Geometry isn't necessarily moving around.
It's in a drop of water, like in the case of Hans Jenny's experiments.
The water is vibrating and there's a wave that stays still.
That's a standing wave.
So that's also what Wagner thinks is going on here.
Wagner said he stumbled across the W-waves early last year while he was doing research on the sap flow in trees. 
He was intrigued to find  different electrical voltage readings at various locations in the sections of tree trunks he was working with, indicating a standing wave formation.
Now, we also saw before his diagram of a wave where you have nodes.
And those are the points where there's no movement.
So again, the idea here is that there's extra electrical charge at those points on the tree, and he believes this is the result of hidden standing waves, hidden geometric waves, as you're going to see as we go on.
Wagner said, of course, that his work has been greeted with skepticism, but he remains confident that it will be accepted one day.
And by the way, if you go to his website, it is loaded with documentation.
Even giving him two episodes on the show barely begins to do justice to the awesome amount of work that he has already created in exploring anti-gravity in plants, all this really amazing stuff, including these waves.
Scientists are supposed to be open-minded to discovery, but if you come up with something that is contrary to scientific religion, it's hard to get through to them.
And again, here's a guy who was a Caltech professor for five years, accredited PhD, lots of scientific papers, and mainstream journals, but he's trying to buck the trend, and nobody wants to hear it.
Everybody likes the traditional model.
So now I'm gong to show you some things from his actual darkmatterwaves.com website that I think you're going to find very interesting. 
He gives us kind of an overview here about his research results.
So the plant division of Wagner Research Laboratory has experimentally found unique answers for the following questions.
How does a plant respond to gravity?
The answer is very different than you think.
How does a plant respond to gravity What implements the macroscopic structure of plants?
We'll get into that one later.
Why are plants structured the way they are?
How do p ants communicate with each other?
And he believes the answer is waves
How do plants interact with electrical fields?
You see these node points, as we were talking about.
And this is the really exciting one
Do plants produce their own gravity-like forces, actually levitating the sap up through them by a the basic nature of the shape that they have?
This is really exciting for me, because its biological anti-gravity.
And it's been hiding out in the open this whole time.
We just didn't know what we're looking at.
Can one measure energy within plants? Obviously yes.
So this is the stuff that I want to make sure we got into in this episode before we get into some of his greater cosmological models.
This is really amazing.
The research that sap flow going up through these plants could actually be an anti-gravity effect.
So here, again is a picture from his website, Waves in Dark Matter, darkmatterwaves.com, on the page that says Sap Flow Theory.
How does sap flow up the tallest of trees?
Now, again this is a major heavyweight scientist who has dedicated his whole life to studying trees, how sap flows, how they communicate with each other and discovering that there's these waves.
So he has put the time in.
It's not to be dismissed with armchair skepticism, the Monday morning quarterbacks who haven t done the homework, but just, oh, I don't believe it, because it goes against their religion, like he said.
He found some very interesting stuff
Wait until you see this.
For many years, most plant physiologists have been pushing a theory of SAP flow called the cohesion hypothesis.
We'll get into that in just a second.
This theory has never definitely been shown to be the complete answer, but over a long period of time, since nothing better was offered, it has gradually  come to be completely accepted.
See chapter 4 of the book "Plant Physiology."
So this cohesion hypothesis, we're going to get into that in a minute here.
It's this we rd theory where they kind of see the reason why the sap goes up as if it was like a straw being sipped, and that the sipping is caused by evaporation of the sap when it reaches the leaves.
That's the conventional model.
And then the idea that the water holds together and the water has some kind of tension that allows it to cling to itself as t moves up.
That's the theory.
But he says it has a lot of problems.
So let's now take а look at this.
I looked it up for you so we can talk about this.
It's actually called the cohesion-tension hypothesis.
And remember, it's only a theory.
A hypothesis that explains the ascent of water from roots to leaves in a plant as due to a combination of upward pull created by transpiration, meaning that the SAP is evaporating out through the tops of the leaves, the bottom, actually, producing a tension on the xylem vessels and cohesion of the water molecules to each other, aided by the water sticking to the sides of these narrow vessels as it travels up.
So just so we are clear on what's going on here, the main thing you need to understand is underneath leaves, they have these openings called stomats.
And that is actually where the sap is going to evaporate out in this model.
So here s an example of the underside of a leaf, where you can see multiple stomats.
So in this cohesion-tension A hypothesis, which in this case, they actually added transpiration to the beginning \ of it, it says "it is the principle that allows water to move up through a plant every step, and the property of water is necessary."
So then look at the diagram.
It says, "number one water enters into the roots in the soil.
Number two. the water is traveling up through these xylem tubes that are the individual tubes inside the stalk of the plant.
Number three, the water then evaporates through the stomats in the leaves." 
So again, the idea being that the evaporation is like sucking on a straw, pulling the water up through.
That's the model.
But Wagner got really into this, and found out that the model doesn't work.
Now here s another diagram of the same idea with a little more technical detail.
Cohesion-tension hypothesis for the movement of water.
So you can see there that the word tens on shows up because they believe that there is lower pressure at the top of the stalk, and there's bottom from the water coming through.
And then the cohesive forces between the water, as you see on the bottom left, cohesive forces between water molecules prevent the water column from breaking.
And then the water evaporates into the atmosphere.
So this is the conventional view.
But again, it's only a theory.
It's a hypothesis. it's not proven.
Now Wagner's sap flow theory has scientific evidence behind it that nobody else is talking about, because he discovered this originally, and it is so mind-blowing.
Wait until you see this.
Recently, there's been a revival of research that limits the usefulness of this cohesion-tension hypothesis.
And he cites some examples, like Zimmerman in "Annals of Botany," volume 76, dot 1995.
So people are seeing this model doesn't real y work.
The straw model doesn't work.
No theory published in current plant physiology literature seems to completely solve the problem.
What does this mean?
It means that the sap is levitating up through the plant, and we don't know why, and we don't really have a way to explain why this is happening that is sufficient.
Imagine if we could find proof of an anti-gravity effect inside every plant and tree that's just automatically there.
Nature's been doing this the whole time, hiding it right out in the open.
We never noticed. That's exactly what Wagner's discovered.
At Wagner Research Laboratory, we used a completely different approach experimentally to find out how the sap is flowing.
We cut tiny holes in the sap conducting tissue... these long xylem, which is like the tubes, inside the tree.
So he cuts holes in there.
Then we placed small metal encased accelerometers in these holes.
Now, uh־oh, what's an accelerometer?
Well, don't freak out.
Gravity is usually talked about in terms of gravitational acceleration.
So you might have heard that it's 10 meters per second squared.
That's a very common number that gets tossed around, meaning that as objects continue falling, they keep accelerating mоге апd mоге аt 10 meters per second squared.
So basically, an accelerometer is a gravity detector.
It measures the direction that gravity s flowing and how strongly that gravity s going.
So Wagner does something that nobody ever thought of.
He cuts a hole inside of a tree, and he puts a gravity wave detector inside.
And so here from his website is a diagram that he drew of what he is doing there.
So you see he's got the little charge diagram C1, C2, showing which way the electrical current is flowing.
He's cut into the side.
He's got the metallic plates shielding it off there.
And then it's a so going to this machine, which is a graph that is reading out the strength of the gravitational waves.
So this is what he's doing.
The accelerometers, which are totally isolated from the tree tissue by that metal that you saw, indicate, that there are forces present when the sap is flowing that at least partially are canceling gravity to allow the sap to rise vertically.
So this is anti-gravity.
He's actually detecting gravity going in the wrong direction inside the plant.
Now, bear in mind, if you've complete y sealed it off that's not the straw effect.
The straw effect is like a siphon if it was working.
And again, there's all these problems with it.
But you wouldn't have any siphon effect occur in the empty space in between where there's all this flow.
In other words, all you have in there is air.
But there's an anti-gravity effect that's actually causing the gravity wave detector to pick up an anti-gravity field that at least partially cancel gravity to inside the tree.
It's totally amazing. Now he's going to get more specific.
Similar forces were found to facilitate horizontal sap flow in roots going along the ground as they flowed into the trees.
This discovery limits the application of the usual hypothesis.
It does not work anymore.
You can use the cohesion-tension model.
The Wagner accelerometer results, gravity results were published in these scientific journals, Physiological Chemistry and Physics' in 1992 and 1995, and got another paper published in 1996.
And he has all of it in the reference section.
The Wagner book "Waves in Dark Matter" brings most of the material on this subject together.
So here, again, is the title of his book "Waves in Dark Matter".
When we come back in the next episode, you're going to see exactly how far this gravitational effect occurred.
And it appears that he's able to get it as high as 25% gravity reduction.
But then what he says is... this is with a big opening on the side.
And he believes that the tree could also be doing a 100% anti-gravity thus causing the sap to rise.
But what really gets amazing that we're going to get into the next episode as well is how he double сlicks on the theory and shows geometric energy waves in the plants, causing the branches to grow in very specific geometric ratios to each other.
Again, hiding out in the open, he suggests that this geometric wave is how this is all happening, how the gravity is causing things to rise inside the tree.
And he takes it out to a cosmic model of how our solar system is functioning.
AI of this is the key that we need to ultimately understand levitation, one of the key aspects of ascension.
And when we start with the plants and then we're going to go into insects, and we're going to go into fish, and water and some other things... you're going to have a very different view of life every day.
If you could change your frequency then you might actually be able to use that levity force to push you up off the ground after this big solar event occurs.
So this is ,Wisdom Teachings."
I'm your host, David Wilcock, bringing you the information you need that will set you free.
Thank you for watching, and we'll see you next time.


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JASON RICE: Hello, Jay. Thank you for having me. 
J Y: Yeah, it's great to have you. Why are you personally coming forward? 

RICE: I m coming forward now because there are thousands of others out there that have been through this, that have gone on the 20 and Back program. And I'm not just talking about Americans. We're talking globally. And some of the people that did not come back, their stories need to be told. Whether they were soldiers or scientists or just civilians, they provided and gave the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. And their stories need to be told. We need to have full disclosure. The people need to be aware of some of the things that humanity has done. It's time to heal and to grow from that. 
J Y: So let's start with the beginning. You had a behavior problem. Because you were constantly being an escape artist 
RICE: I was. I kept getting brought back by the police or strangers. I had my own dog tags if lost, please call on a chain. And so the last time that I was brought back by the same police officer, he told my parents that if they didn't keep me contained and keep control of where I was, that I was going to be taken into state custody. 
J Y: And this caused your parents to freak out. Because they're afraid of the police and child protection services and all those people coming and invest gating them totally understandable 
RICE: Understandable-- of course, they were terrified. And they found a behavioral program at one of the local universities and enrolled me in that. 
J Y: What happened there? 
RICE: They would give us a command. You know, say- hey, want you to stay in this chair. Don't get up. And of course, there are toys everywhere in the room, all kinds of interesting distractions. And so of course, I get up. And as soon as I got up, they picked me up, put me in a box, locked the box, and then would wait. And of course I'd scream and holler and yell and kick and thrash. And as soon as stopped, they would reach in, pull me out, set me on the same chair, and give me an "M&M". 
J Y: So they were starting to form your personality at that point. 
RICE: That's correct. 
J Y: And they were using candy and toys to entice you into whatever they wanted you to change guess change your behavior. to control it. And that program turns out o e one o e recruiting arms for the Ml LAB program. And that's where was identified as an intuitive empath. JAY: When you say intuitive empath, what do you mean? 
RICE: An intuitive empath is somebody that feels or knows something without having been told, without having experienced it before flit's an ability to* pick up on emotions. It's not mind reading. But it's being able to feel what others are feeling and being able to intuit why they're feeling that way or how something is supposed to work or how it's supposed to go together. People have termed or called it psychic, but it's not really the same thing. 
J Y: You eventually had to go to school. R[CE: That's correct. 
J Y: So you went to school, first grade or whatever Did anything happen to you when you went to school? 
RICE: So after getting into school, what would happen is that somebody would either come in the morning or towards the middle of the day. And I'd get picked up to allow me to get out of school. And then, they would take me to an underground facility or just a regular building to do the training that they had us go through. 
J Y: Was there a break between the university program and this new program, which was I guess Ml LAB, is what you're saying? That's correct. 
J Y: Explain to our viewers what Ml LAB is. 
RICE: The MILAB program is a military abduction program. Which is one of the agencies responsible for recruiting, draining, indoctrinating, and preparing children for special programs w thin the Secret Space Program and other classified projects. thought, at the time, I was just getting to go out on a special field trip. 
J Y: And you're with other children? 
RICE: Other children-- between three and five other kids at a time. That's what I remember. And they had us working on very simple puzzles. ^The caveat was that we weren't allowed to talk. But we had to work in teams of two, sometimes three, and work together to put this puzzle together. And what they were doing is they were training us with our intuitive empath abilities in teamwork. Progressed on up through smaller pieces, more pieces. And again, we couldn't talk. •^We had to nonverbally communicate and trust and work with our intuitive empath abilities up to the point where it was a sing e colored puzzle with thousands of pieces that were working together. They also included blindfolding to work together so that we could work our intuitive empath abilities and teamwork. 
J Y: Would it be fair to say that they are looking for that quality in these kids? 
RICE: That's absolutely right. They're looking for* that quality n people because it makes for better soldiers better operatives. You can walk into a room and pick up on a situation five or six different people all at one time and be able to read the scenario, read the environment. JAY: Did you notice a refining process with these kids and you where you could see that some were not going to make it and others were going to go forward or anything like that? 
RICE: Yes-- there were people that just weren't picking up on it. They weren't progressing. And usually, those children didn't stay, didn't come back. Because they used medications on us for improving our intuitive empath abilities as we as to facilitate forgetting not remembering where we'd gone or what we'd done, and then implanting us with false screen memories. 
J Y: Why would they do that? 
RICE: They didn't want to have the public aware of what they were doing. I mean, they were taking kids out of school to do whatever they needed them to do. If the world had found out that they were taking kids out of school to go work on training and that they were injecting them with either experimental or non-market medications, people would be up in arms. JAY: Was there any kind of trauma associated with this?  RICE:Yes JAY: Well tell me about that. 
RICE: Yeah, so some of the training involved finding out our individual fears and then flooding us with those fears. For instance, if one was afraid of drowning. Because that, they would use virtual reality, augmented reality. And again, this is in the late 70s long before any of it was ever out on the market. And so as a child, it was like wow this is an amazing toy. This is a great adventure. Except for the fact that they were trauma training, is what they were doing. So they find out all of my fears everything that I was afraid of-- whether it was a little a lot of... and then put me into a virtual reality where I couldn't tell the difference between what was real and what was he virtual . y\And then, I'd go through and have to experience-- whether it was death by fire or getting shot or bludgeoned or drowning or any number of horrible ways to die. They'd flood you with it to desensitize you to it. And these are children. 
J Y: When you got home after these experiences, did your parents notice that you were messed up? 
RICE. Well, they would go through and mind wipe and give you a screen memory. So instead of getting burned up in a fire all day five or six times, I would remember being at an aquarium in my conscious mind But the nightmares were still there. I'd still have nightmares. I'd still have periods where I wouldn't eat or periods that I was moody. So of course, my parents had nothing to base it on. So to them, 1 was just a kid growing up. During the night, they would take us out of our homes. They would take us to closed-down malls for the evening. And then, we would either do small combat arms, immediate action drills, capture the flag type thing where we would have small pistols. And we wore a suit that, if it was contacted by the infrared beam, it would freeze the limb if it was a grazing shot If it was a shot right to a fatal area, then the entire suit would freeze up. And they'd have to reset the program because that was a simulated kill. They would put us against each other. And we found out quickly who had more strength in their ability for tactics And so what happened is, it turned into not every man for himself. But it turned into teaming up with other people and then ganging up on one person.
J Y: So kind of creating a self organization. So you guys are organizing yourselves in a symbiotic way instead of having it be top-down?
RICE: That's correct. 
J Y: That's very serious training. 
RICE: Very traumatic, it's very traumatic. 
J Y: How long do this period of your training last? 
RICE: It went on for about eight years until I was 13. 
J Y: All right so now you are 3. You've got this training. They wouldn't be doing it for no reason. It costs a lot of money. They're investing a lot in you. What happened at this point? 
RICE: That was the year that they took me out of training and put me into active service. 
J Y: What happened? How did this-- did they tell you they were going to take you into the Secret Space Program, or what do they do? 
RICE: Well, this particular day, I was going to meet them down the street from school. Now, according to the rest of the school , I was just skipping. But I was down the street. met them just like any of the many other times. Got in the back of the car. They didn't tell me that I was going to be disappearing, that was going to be going into active duty. 
J Y: They did not tell you 
RICE: Did not they just took me. 
J Y: That was a surprise. 
RICE: Surprise-- guess what. I hope you said goodbye to everybody this morning. I don it have all the memories from my first 20 and Back. They haven't returned yet. 20 and Back program is based on the use of advanced technology here you provide service for 20 years. And at the end of that service, you are medically and quantum age regression back to the time point where you originally entered into service. And then, they take you back in time to the point in time that you originally went into service. But you still lived out and had those 20 years of service that you provided in whatever program. And there's a number of secret space programs that utilize this technology. 
J Y: And did they take care of you when you came back? 
RICE: When I got back, part of the going away present package that they left included programming for me to want to go into the military service. And seemingly overnight, developed an interest in the military. [ wanted to go to college, wanted to get an education. was a driven individual at that point 
J Y: Did you go to high school, I assume? 
RICE: I went to high school and maintained 3.9 GPA all through high school. And I was awarded a medical scholarship for the Air Force ROTC. And I was awarded an engineering scholarship for the US Army. And I chose the engineering JAY: And did you finish your four years? 
RICE: I finished my four years. 
J Y: And then, you went into the military. 
RICE: The military 20 and Back that I went on as right at the start of my US Army career. The second 20 and Back, I have a lot more of those memories. I was commissioned the same day I graduated from college which was in December of 1996. And two months later, was given a change to my orders. Which my original orders were to report in to Fort Leonard Wood to attend the officer basic course. And the day before was supposed to leave, got new orders assigning me to the Army Research Office up in North Carolina. I had no idea why or what, no explanation for it. 
J Y: So two months after you started your active duty, they grabbed you again. 
RICE: Again. 
J Y: Why are all these people now coming forth with memories, but it seems like it takes 15, 20 years for the memories to surface? Why do you think that is? 
RICE: Well, for some reason or another, the memories are a ways there. For me, one of them was at the age of 33 which happens to be 20 years after my 20 and Back. went in for outpatient surgery. And coming out of it, I was still under a lot of the anesthesia. And I don't recall this. But the nursing staff told me was talking about being in space and being a part of a program and going out and doing things. And of course, when they were telling me this, I'm like-- wow, I don't remember saying any of that. And at the time, it was just one of those OK, that was just the anesthesia talking. Since then, I've realized that OK, that was another sign. 
J Y. Should people who are running these programs be worried about people now having the first wave of memories coming back? 
RICE: I think the people  that are running these programs part of the technology that they use for the mind wipe, they know that there's 1 /o to 3% that the mind wipe will not work on. And they have returning memories a lot faster than mine were. It worked on me. Anybody that was a part of the Secret Space Program were tampered with every one of us. JAY. Well, I just Want you to know that I'm really happy that you've decided to come forth and tell your story. And we're going to be telling your story in great detail as we proceed here in later shows. But let me ask you. Are you afraid that someone is going to stop you from speaking out? 
RICE: I have concerns for the safety of those that I love and care about. But having been through and remembered the things that I've gone through, feel more compelled to bring this into the light.

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J Y WEIDNER: Today we have a special guest. His name is Jason Rice, and he claims to have been in the Secret Space Program. His story is incredible, and 'm sure you will find it compelling. Hey, Jason.
JASON RICE: Hello, Jay. Thank you for having me.

J Y: Yeah, it's great to have you, because your story is absolutely fascinating. You went to university at the auspices of the Army.
RICE: I went to Florida Institute of Technology under a four-year engineering scholarship. And I was awarded a medical scholarship for the Air Force ROTC. And I was awarded an engineering scholarship for the US Army. And I chose the engineering. And then I was commissioned the same day I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering. And in fact, at the end of my education, I had applied to go on and get a master's degree. And they said, nope. You're graduating in December, and you are starting your commission and active duty immediately.
J Y: So two months after you started your active duty, fully expecting just a change in orders, and everything was going to be copacetic And then what happened?
RICE: Well, I show up at this facility and meet my nevi^ company commander. We got into the first elevator, and there were two buttons-- up, down. That was it. He placed his hand on a scanner on the wall, and then we started our trip down. It was about a five-minute elevator ride. And towards the bottom, I recall that there was a very peculiar feeling of vertigo, where the world seemed to turn sideways for just an instant, and then it was gone.
J Y: And were there cameras in this elevator?
RICE: I'm sure there were. I never saw them. As they later to d me that from the moment I stepped foot in the facility that I was being watched. And a I of my actions and choices and decisions were being recorded and used for part of my training So we get to the end of the bottom of that first elevator ride. He had his hand on his sidearm It was a Beretta. And was very, very intently watching what I was doing. Of course, I didn't know about the
J Y: Oh, he was afraid you might go psychotic?
RICE: He was worried that if I went psychotic I would try and attack him. And I later found out that he had had to use his sidearm on another trainee earlier that day. So we get to the end of the elevator ride down, and it opens up onto a red-lit platform that's about 12 feet high, 10 feet wide. And 10 feet in front of the elevators is a track, and there's a capsule transportation train, if you will. And it's shaped like a pill. t has a Lamborghini-style door that's opened. It was white. The capsule that we were getting into as barely shorter than the landing. So we get into the capsule, and sit down on the right side. And he comes and sits down in front of me. And our knees are only a few inches apart. And the door closes. And I couldn't tell which direction we were moving in. And then I sat quietly, and I got the feeling that we were moving in a direction towards my back. So was facing rear. And so that trip, t lasted about 30 minutes. We passed through a portal, and we're no longer on Earth.
J Y: The train passed through a portal ?
RICE: The train passed through a portal and took us to another location. I was able to recognize that because the background Schumann resonance was different. It wasn't the same as here. And so I was able to pick that up. And that actually came out during hypnosis
J Y. OK, hang on here. First off, what's a Schumann resonance?
RICE: OK. The Schumann resonance is a background frequency that is present on Earth.
J Y: So you felt a shift in that background frequency when you went through the portal?
RICE:I felt it, yes. After I went through the portal.
J Y: What was it like going through the portal ? Was there any physical feelings? Mental feelings?
RICE: I was so focused on that vertigo, the world going sideways in the elevator, that I was still overwhelmed with, OK, that's going on.
J Y: The newness.
RICE: The newness. This is all different. I've never seen any of these things before. And I didn't notice a difference at that time. It was a minor difference. It couldn't have been that much, going from the background frequency here to wherever it was that we went to. It couldn't have been a shift of that much. And they supplemented it with an artificial background frequency as well. Which-- subtly different, but different nonetheless. JAY: Describe what a portal is.
RICE: Portal technology is used for travel, and it can take a shape of as large as they need it to get a vehicle or a person. And it's to instantaneously move from one place to another It could be within a solar system, or it could be somewhere else in the galaxy. So for all I know, I could have been 1,500 light years away. Or it could have been a mined-out asteroid that's within our own solar system. I suspect it was Mars.
J Y: What happened then?
RICE: Well, a 30-minute capsule ride. We pull up into what turned out to be the next landing, our stopping point. couldn't feel the train stopping, the capsule stopping So the only indication I had that we had arrived as the door started opening, and it scared the shit out of me because I thought ^we were still moving. And I expected to see it get ripped off any moment. And the captain that was with me knew it. And so he knew that we were going to be stopping, and he was watching to see what my reaction was. And so he saw me freak out for a moment, because thought we were about to witness the capsule coming apart And he smirked. And I knew right then that, OK, this is another one of those new guy tricks. All right, I get it. And so we get out. And we're n this new landing that was about 100 feet long, about 30 feet high. It was all white lit. It was no longer red lighting. And so there were a bank of three elevator doors two standard-sized elevator doors and then the largest set of elevator doors I've ever seen in my life. These things were big enough to drive a semi truck into.
J Y: Really?
RICE: They were enormous. So we would walk up to one of the man-sized elevator doors, and he hits the button. The doors open. And I look from him into the elevator. And no more than four feet in front of me is an alien staring at me.
J Y: Really? In the elevator?
RICE: In the elevator. About four feet tall Large, dark eyes. Small mouth. Small nose.
J Y: And how did you react?
RICE: I turned and looked at the captain, who was on my right. And then pointed at the elevator. ,And I said, there s something in the elevator. And he said, what is it? And looked back at the elevator, and it was gone. And I wasn't about to tell him what I'd seen, because at this point I was still clueless on what was going on.
J Y: Were you scared?
RICE: I was surprised. Thinking back on it it wasn't a fear so much as, that's he doing here not what in the world is that. So the captain didn't give any indication that there was anything strange. And so I-- following his lead and not about to tell him, my first commanding officer, that I had just seen an alien in the elevator, I chalked it up to another one of those new guy tricks. JAY: So, Jason, one of the things that we did besides giving you a polygraph is we had Georgina Cannon, who is noted hypnotherapist, come and hypnotize you for almost three hours, actually. I guess that was the point, actually, of doing these sessions, was that we are hoping that it would release more memories and kind of create a cog nit on for you after the sessions. And that happened, right?
RICE: Mhm, it has happened. It has been helpful . OK, so let's listen to a section of that regression section. GEORGINA CANNON: And tell me what happened.
RICE: Well, we got in the elevator and rode up. And when we came to a stop, we were inside a giant Colosseum. CANNON: So tell me about the briefing that you all had.
RICE: They took us all in into the auditorium. Colonel Schuller came up first. And he talked to us, thanking us. He thanked us for volunteering. if we'd only known. CANNON: So what did Colonel Schuller do? He thanked you for volunteering, and then what?
RICE: More bullshit. Like we had a choice. They told us we were the tip of the spear, and we'd have the best equipment, and that we were going to help other planets. Other people.
J Y: So you got hypnotized. What was that like?
RICE: Well it was lit was very helpful in that there are things that came out during the hypnosis that I hadn't recalled yet. And so there are a number of points and pieces of the puzzle that I'm very very thankful for. During the hypnosis, I recall having images of doors opening and closing. And since then, I have had more memories return. I do know that, again, part of the going away presents that were left with me included shutting off memories and shutting off things, as well as routines, if you will, that continually work on removing memory from the events. So there were things that came out during the hypnosis hat I 've been able to recall some of But after the hypnosis, I couldn't remember some of the specific details, again, because of the memory routines that they left me with to wipe those out. So that's a continuous battle that I have to fight regularly, on the remembering side of things.
J Y: OK I want to get into this in more detail. What do you mean by memory routines? What does that mean? Are you talking about screen memories?
RICE: Well, I'm talking about the routines that they have think of it as like the mental eraser that they have that's running in the background that is continually trying to remove the memories from the conscious mind. So that, again, you don't talk about things that you're not supposed to. JAY: So it's a most like a loop that they put you through. So when you think a certain thought, this loop comes n and causes t to just kind of become a maddening thing inside your head. And then you don't want to think about it anymore.
RICE: Yeah, well, it's almost like putting a frosted glass n front of a window, is that you wipe away the moisture and you can see for a moment. And then the condensation comes back. And you have to work at continuing to wipe the window off to remember  JAY: That's a great analogy, actually. So you'd recommend other people that have been in the Secret Space Program to actually go and do this also?
RICE: I would. I would highly recommend it. When I first started waking up, my first response as gosh, I'd like to have all these memories back at one time. When I had certain memories come back I realized the folly in that. And that, for my own sanity, my higher self has decided what and when and the timing of it. And so trust n that, as well as getting help with those, either through hypnotic regression or through therapy There's a number of ways that you can help yourself to recall those memories.
J Y: All right, so this train has taken you into this room. You see this alien in the elevator. The captain doesn't act like he sees it. Alien disappears. What happens then?
RICE: We enter in the elevator. The captain accompanies me and gives me a very knowing look. And he hit the up button. Doors close, and we rode the elevator up It wasn't a very long ride. I suspect it was probably four or five floors up, is where we went to. This time, when the elevator doors opened, it was still a natural rock format on, except it was the size of an NFL stadium.
J Y: This area is this in a cave?
RICE: Yeah, it was all in a natural rock cave. All of the stops once e had gone underground ere in natural cave structures. This was no exception When we entered that last elevator and went up to the training grounds, it opened up into the largest underground cave structure I'd ever seen in my life I had never seen any pictures that are equal to it.
J Y: How was it lit?
RICE: That was one of the really interesting parts of it, is that the walls and ceiling, they all seemed to be lit well lit. Bright as daylight But could not find any origin of the lights. t was a most as if the walls themselves were lit in a way that you couldn't localize where the lights were conning from. But there was no disputing that the whole area was lit.
J Y: Was really end of a color or hue to the lighting?
RICE: it looked very daylight. Very much like daylight.
J Y: And what was going on in this gigantic cavern?
RICE: Well, it was empty at the time I was gawking like coming to the city for the first time. And, of course the captain started walking as soon as the doors opened. And could see across that it was a track with the vibration absorptive material on it. They had...
J Y: They what?
RICE: Vibration absorptive material. It's like foam, rubbery, around the track. You usually find it on indoor tracks. The inner field on the track itself was clearly Astroturf. It looked like grass. The outer areas had some training seats, tables, chairs. Something that anybody n the military recognized as a class area. They had what looked to be a volleyball sandpit. Except it didn't have any posts or nets. They had a shooting range on one side. Elevated above the ground were these networks in series of catwalks. Some of them had rails. Some of them were missing rails. There were ropes hanging down from the ceiling with a single carabiner on the end, which are the little latch devices that's commonly used in mountain climbing and rock climbing.
J Y: So this is a training facility.
RICE: It’s exactly what it was.
J Y: And for soldiers.
RICE: For soldiers. Except, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why they needed a trapeze-type training facility for soldiers. Later I found out why.
J Y: Why?
RICE: Well, it has to do with the hang glider part of the training involves using a neutrally operated gravity pack. Utilizing the gravy packs so that we could create thrust so that we could gain altitude, lose altitude. That ended up being the training grounds for where we were learned about small unit tactics, avoiding each other, not hitting each other, firing from it.
J Y: So you were using hang glider devices to fly around?
RICE: Yes. Well, the packs were battery powered Which meant that they had a very limited duration If you burned a full burn without stopping, they would on y last for probably 30, 45 minutes. They didn't have much of a long life And so what you did was you used them in concert with the glider. And so you weren't hovering, but you were flying. JAY. Sometimes you're using the electric, sometimes you're not.
RICE: Sometimes you're using the electric, and sometimes you're not. We generally used them to gain altitude firing our weapons. So you had to learn how to use it mentally first. Help turn left, help turn right, up, down
J Y: All being neurologically driven. Through a helmet or something?
RICE: Yep, through our combat helmets. So, using the weapons that we used, e had to counter it with the gravy packs. The hang gliders were not the ideal platform to be staging an attack.
J Y: I was going to say, yeah.
RICE: They were more intended for dropping in relocating, or for getting in using stealth methods, because it's ultra quiet
J Y: Interesting. So then, you are in this big, huge facility Clearly you know that you're going to be part of something here. Then what happened they haven't told you yet that you're even in the Secret Space Program. This guy hasn't even talked to you at a I, the Captain?
RICE: Nope, hasn't said anything to hold all questions. Yep.
J Y: So what happened next?
RICE: There was, at the time, what I thought was a very strange-looking container shipping container with odd-looking doors. There was also a movie screen-sized surface that had blackened, charred marks and partially burned areas on it. And all of those were on the mobile cable system so that they could relocate them any place in the stadium area The flat screen didn't mean anything to me yet, but that was one of the targets we used with our plasma rifles. It was a specially treated surface so that we could live fire our plasma rifles without starting a massive conflagration.
J Y: What's a plasma rifle?
RICE: It shoots out a ball of hot plasma as hot as the sun, that will travel at unbelievable rates of fire, and does incredible damage. At that time, it didn't know what any of that stuff as used for. I'm just walking through and amazed that it's even there. It smelled like moldy, misty, musty campfire.
J Y: The whole cavern?
RICE: The whole area, yeah.
J Y: Very musty? Is there water dripping?
RICE: No, no water dripping They sealed off the interior surface of all the walls. So there was no water Any water that came in would have been a leak, and they would have found it quickly.
J Y: Outside of the door you came in, were there any other doors?
RICE: There were doors in other areas of the training colosseum. But the ones that we headed directly for were directly across from where the elevators opened up.
J Y: Did you ever discover what this weird container thing is?
RICE: I sure did.
J Y: What is it?
RICE: It is for simulating the exit from one of the shuttles. So they were able to move it around at elevation so that you could basically jump out from it. Again, because you're dealing with people that have not done this before hat are learning how to use the neural interface, as well as flying, as well as shooting, as well as aiming and trying to hit what you're trying to hit. There were a number of close calls where people were almost hit, or there were a couple of rounds put through gliders. Again, you're trying to coordinate all of these things at one time. So that was very...
J Y: Is it safe to say this is the beginning of your training?
RICE: This was the beginning of my training.
J Y: Did anybody die in this training?
RICE: Yes. There were deaths.
J Y: Sounds very dangerous. So what happened after you saw the cavern? Where did you go next?
RICE: We went through a door on the other side, which entered into a hallway. Traveled to the end of that hallway and entered into another hallway. And at the end of that door was a stairwell And the captain started going downstairs. And I snuck a peek to look up through the center of the stairwell to see, OK, how high does this thing go? And I couldn't see the top. So it had to have gone at least o the top of the training stadium.
J Y: Right.
RICE: And so, when we came into the next hallway, he made an immediate right turn into the first door. And turns out that that was the conference room that we would be spending the next couple of hours going over paperwork, paperwork, signing for this equipment, signing for that equipment. Still no briefing. So walked n, and he told me to have a seat. And sat down next to him. And in front of me were a stack of papers in a folder. Inside this room was a black stripe around the top. 12 inches. It was only about 3/4 of an inch wide but about 12 inches from the ceiling. And it went all the way around the entire room. At one end of the room was a large flat screen TV. It looked to be about 60  inches.
J Y: So what's this black stripe doing?
RICE: The black stripe around the upper portion of the room turned out to be full monitoring equipment, which included bio signs, video, audio, anything and everything that they needed to determine infrared. Who's in the room whether they're sweating a lot or they're coo , they're calm, they're collected. So I didn't realize it at the time. It just looked like a black stripe.
J Y: So you signed all these documents.
RICE: Signed all the documents. Spent two hours signing.
J Y: Is anybody telling you? You're getting debriefed on any of this?
RICE: He said He said, we've got a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. You'll get a full briefing day after tomorrow, after everybody is here. You'll get it the same time everybody else does. And the thing is is that they plan it that way to keep you guessing so you don it know what's going on so that they can gauge and judge and evaluate your reactions to unknown, stressful situations Sitting in front of the captain as we I was a blank slating device. That was the first time I'd ever seen one, that I could recall.
J Y: What does that look like?
RICE: The one that I'd seen resembled a jeweler's hammer, which is a small hammer. Except instead of having a hammer head, It had a small conical and crystal fixture on the end. And a plain black handle, no markings A single button on it So I didn't know what it was about, and I had no idea. Found out if I had declined the offer, that that was what my fate was going to be, to be mind wiped and blank slated, and sent back to Fort Wood.
J Y: You know, a lot of people are going to be watching this. And they're going to think that you're crazy. Or they're going to think you're a liar. And you don't come off crazy, I have to tell you. But the lying part, we can't tell. So what we had you do was take a polygraph test from a polygraph examiner. And we want to show you the results of that right now. BRAN HOFF: Jason, go ahead and relax. BRAN HOFF: Jason, go ahead and relax. Remain still. The test will be n in a moment. The test is beginning. Are you now in the state of Colorado?
RICE. Yes.
HOFF: Regarding your extraterrestrial experiences, do you intend to answer my questions truthfully today?
RICE. Yes.
HOFF: Have you ever said anything in anger that you later regretted?
HOFF: Were you ever a member of a Secret Space Program?
RICE- Yes.
HOFF: Did you ever engage in military service on the planet Mars?
HOFF: Have you ever told a lie to keep yourself out of trouble?
HOFF: Were you ever a member of a Secret Space Program?
RICE. Yes.
HOFF: Did you ever engage in military service on the planet Mars?
RICE: Yes.
HOFF: Have you ever told a lie to keep yourself out of trouble?
RICE: No. entire life, have you ever broken even one law?
HOFF- Have you ever killed an extraterrestrial being?
RICE. Yes.
HOFF: Have you ever been captured by an extraterrestrial being?
RICE: Yes. During entire life, have you ever violated any rules or regulations?
HOFF: Have you ever been captured by an extraterrestrial being?
RICE: Yes. During entire life have you ever violated any rules or regulations?
HOFF: OK, the test is ending. Please remain still. What you're looking on the test is changes in breathing patterns or upper body movements and activity. Down here a little bit more, you're looking for GSR changes, or Galvanic Skin Responses. Essentially, it's opening and closing of sweat glands in our fingertips. Just below that, what I'm looking for is changes n blood pressure, heart rate, et cetera Below that on the screen, what 'm looking at is PPG readings, which is Photoplethysmograph readings. Essentially, what that is is the opening and closing or the constriction of blood vessels in your fingertips. Some of the other readings have on there are whether or not he moved or was trying to cheat the test in any way, and he wasn't. So what I'm looking at on the screen right now is that, for the directed lies that I asked him to tell, which were, you know, have you ever broken any laws, stuff like that, he does have a physiological response that comes from that that is indicative of somebody normally lying to us and that physiological result that I've come to expect. When we see the other questions where he answers yes to being part of a Secret Space Program, or being on the planet Mars, there's not that typical physiological arousal that we would expect to see when somebody knows that they're lying. Again, any time that there is an extraordinary story that is so far out of what s normal and out of what I know as a human being and from my experience, of course there's some doubt that creeps into my mind. Having said that, Jason seems like a very credible source. He's well spoken. He came in here He seems to know exactly what he feels happens when it happened All the polygraph can really tell us is whether or not somebody believes what they're saying is true. Physiological indicators indicate that he does not have an arousal of any sort of biological indicators that tell me that he disbelieves his story even in the slightest. So in that case, what I'm saying is that, ultimately, Jason believes what he's telling us to be true.
J Y: So the guy conducting the polygraph kept asking you the same questions over and over and over. 'm sure it was driving you crazy. But I think they were doing that because they were trying to elicit different emotional responses from you to see and guarantee that you were being credible, I think. Don't you?
RICE: Yes. yes. The direct lie stimulation test, from what it was explained to me was that they try and create a baseline for lying, as we I as for telling the truth.
J Y So the question about have you ever broken a rule, that was a preconceived e that was
RICE: That's correct.
J Y: --so that every time you lied you would see your response. So that could be matched against the other responses, where you were telling the truth.
RICE: That's correct.
J Y: Interesting So how did you feel being asked these questions over and over and over?
RICE: It was anxiety provoking because when I start talking about my experiences, it would induce anxiety or other physiological effects to try and distract me from talking about t. And that's part of the program that they use for people that are getting out, is they don't want you to talk about it. So they put programs into your psyche so that you either have an anxiety attack, or you start sweating, or the room gets too small no matter how big it is. You can't focus. You can't stay attentive to what you're trying to talk about. When I first started waking up and remembering the things that I had done, it was really difficult because of those programs, those presents that they left with me.
J Y: Well, clearly, you are not lying At least you believe what you're saying.
RICE: I've known that what I'm saying is true. Even as shortly as a few years ago, if you'd asked me that whether or not I believed I was a part of some Secret Space Program conspiracy, I would have said, no, sounds interesting, but that's not me. However, participating in it, having the memory recall that I have of the experiences and the events that I have, those things that have happened to me, the experiences that I've remembered, have proven to me without any doubt at all

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