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Модератор "ПкИ"
In late 2018, Cobra kindly agreed to answer questions from Russia and talked about Archons, the planetary Cabal system, the Resistance movement and what awaits humanity. In Russia, more than 2 million people have already been acquainted with this information. Since this interview has not been previously published in English, we felt it necessary to make it available to an audience in the West. Cobra had been interviewed by a persn that we will call J.

J -  Hello. Today we will ask you questions from Russia.

COBRA - I think now it's time for the Eastern audience to get some fresh impact.

J - Can you give us more information on the physical Archons. Who are they, when and where did they come from and what are their agendas?How do they relate to Black Italian Nobility and to those whom Corey Goode calls preadamite" (people with long skulls)?
COBRA - Archons, most of them, came to Planet Earth 25,000 years ago when Planet Earth became a quarantine and the physical Archons are simply those Archons, who incarnated in physical bodies and they tend to incarnate mostly in Black Nobility families, mostly in Italy, some of them in Germany and France, but most of them are concentrated in Italy, especially in Rome, which was the seat of the Roman Empire, and they still carry the same lineages. They still carry the same occult power to control the Western society, and now the global civilization is part of their agenda, which goes back centuries and sometimes through Millenia.
I would say, that most of those families can trace their origins from the area of Khazaria, through the Kazarian dark vortex. They were incarnated there many thousands of years ago and then they migrated through an area which is now known as Iran and Iraq, through Egypt, and then from there to Anatolia, from Anatolia to Italy and from there they spread throughout Europe. So, most of those families can trace their origins back to the Khazarian invasion, which happened 5000 years ago and at that time many of the Archons arrived to planet Earth through a dark portal which was opened there. This was the first Archon invasion 5,000 years ago. Some of those families originated from that time, and there was a replenishment about 1700 years ago, the second Archon invasion, which actually basically happened in that same area and spread around through the Roman Empire.
Those beings that are considered pre-Adamites are one of the many different genetic makeups that were used with intermarriages in different bloodlines of the Archons and those elongated skull types have been coming from the Andromeda galaxy. They entered the Sirius Star System and incarnated in some of the Black Nobility families. There are cases of this known from ancient Egypt. There are cases of this known from medieval Europe. So, I would say, that this is just one of many different aspects of how those lineages can manifest.

J - Can you give us some names of those who belong to the black aristocracy and family bloodlines in Italy and in other countries which are Archons? How do they reincarnate after death?
COBRA - The main Archon families are Orsini, Pallavicini, Colona, Massimo, Torlonia. These are some of the main Black Nobility Archon families in Italy, and through their networks they control the surface population. They incarnate like everybody else. They incarnate in human bodies, but from the other side before they incarnate, the incarnation process is coordinated, because they have their etheric and plasma counterparts of the same family beings on the other side. I would say, in plasma etheric planes they are directing their incarnation process, so in most cases a very particular Archon is incarnated in a very particular family for a very particular specific purpose, so those births are not by accident in most cases. They are pre-planned and a very specific being is born as a very specific child in a very specific family to carry out a very specific purpose, which is part of their overall strategy in their plan for planetary domination.
J - Tell us about the Chimera group, who are they, how do they look like, where they are located, what they did before and what they are doing now?
COBRA - The Chimera group did not interact with the surface population until, I would say, the early to mid 20th century. They were keeping themselves in underground bases. Some of them were incarnated in humanoid bodies and some of them were and still are incarnated in spider like bodies. They originated also from the Andromeda galaxy, but as I said, they were not interacting with the  surface population until the surface population got the capability of space travel and when that happened the purpose of the Chimera group was to maintain the quarantine status, so they were influencing those interest groups on the surface of the planet who had space travel capabilities to ensure that the quarantine status is not broken.
Well, like the Archons, most of the Chimera group came to this planet 25,000 years ago. Before that, basically they emanated from the Andromeda galaxy, one part of them traveled to this galaxy and they were building the dark empire for the last eight million years and they were expanding their dark empire as much as possible, and were in the last phase defending the ever shrinking dark empire. They have chosen planet Earth as last stronghold and they have concentrated their forces on planet Earth because it was seen as the prime real estate in the galactic community and they wanted to have this prized planet for themselves.

J - Can you, please, tell us about the non-physical Archons in more details. Where did they come from, where are they now, how do they look like, what did they do before and what are they doing now?
COBRA - It is very simple, there is no difference between physical and non-physical Archons. The physical Archons are simply those of the non-physical Archons, who got incarnated and it's the same group. It's the same even soul family, they are the same beings, who have the same origin and the same energy structure, and in one part of the history some of them got incarnated and when the situation on the planet changes, another part of the group gets incarnated, as I said before, according to the needs of their plan. They are basically the same beings and when they die they simply join the group again, the non-physical Archon group, and they continue with their plans there on the other side.

J - Tell us about the royal dynasties in Europe, how did they appear, how do they differ from people?
COBRA - Basically it's part of the same questions as before. At the very top we have those Archon families and there were many different lineages which interacted with each other, which were a part of other noble families in Europe, and I would say, most of them went through Monarch type mind programming. So they were part of the same Illuminati network that exists now. It was not called Illuminati at that time, but it was the same network, and a smaller part of those families still chose to remain on the Light side and these are called the White Nobility families, and sometimes there was just one or two members inside of the family, who chose to stay on the Light side. Usually there was much pressure upon those individuals, sometimes they were removed from the planet, but some of them still managed to do some amount of good and change the history of the planet for the better.
There are many examples in the Medici family in Italy. There are examples in 18th century France. There were many people on the French Royal Courts at the time of Louis 15th and Louis 16th, that were supporting the Enlightenment Movement, which basically laid the groundwork for the current civilization. Most of the positive aspects that we have now, the high culture that you have now, was born in France in the 18th century by those members of positive White Nobility families, which were working for the Light.
J - Describe the whole chain and hierarchy of negative forces on the planet, who is at the top of it and below, who obeys who, how they interact and what are their agendas?
COBRA - It is not a linear hierarchy as somebody would imagine. Yes, there are beings who are at the top, but this is a fluid morphing group, and those who are on the top on the surface, of course, are the Black Nobility Archons. Then we have the Jesuits and then we have everybody else who I have just described. And parallel to this we have non-physical Archons, who are working together with physical Archons, we have non-physical Jesuits, who are working also with physical Jesuits, and we have all the demonic structure on the plasma etheric plane and lower astral plane, that is working with all the Illuminati networks, so this is all happening at the same time. There is a chain of command, but this chain of command is not 100%, it's not like a military. There are shifting alliances, there are changes, there is internal infighting, which is happening all the time. It is not a stable group. And we have the Chimera group, which is not interfering much with the surface dynamics of the Cabal, it is interfering only when there is a real danger of First Contact or breaking up of the quarantine.
J - William Tompkins said that Draco are flying on their ships and spraying gas over people. What do you know about it? How else do Draco, Archons and Cabal control the consciousness of people on the planet?
COBRA - There needs to be a distinction between Dracos. There are many types of Dracos, there are native Dracos who are living on, below the surface of the planet, or of Planet Earth for many thousands of years. Then there are Dracos which incarnate in humanoid bodies and are the backbone of the Cabal on planet Earth, and then there are genuine Dracos which came from the Draco star system with their spaceships and enter the Solar system. So, we have different combinations of Dracos and all of them are using various aspects of engineering to suppress the human population, and you know all of them, you have an understanding of what all those different aspects of poisoning, that are happening right now - food, water, air, electromagnetic radiation, scalar weapons, everything that exists right now on the surface of the planet is part of that engineering.
J - Tell us about Jesuits. Who are they, what did they do before and what are they doing now?
COBRA - Jesuits are just an organization which was created in the 16th century by the Catholic cult as an intelligence agency, which was creating their own spy network, and their purpose was to infiltrate all other organizations to carry out the plan of the Archons. Already in the 16th and 17th centuries they had their own military command very close to Rome, where they were planning the conquest of the world. They were planning the creation of the United States already then. They were planning events which are happening right now. They were planning three World Wars already in the 16th and 17th centuries. They were planning the New World Order and the target date was set for year 2000. This is an old Jesuit plan which was already created in the 16th century and since then they were infiltrating all organizations. Basically in the 18th century, they infiltrated Masonic lodges and later they managed to infiltrate almost every organization on the Earth and now almost every organization on Earth is permeated by Jesuit agents.
J - Tell us about the structure of Cabal and Illuminati, how many of them are there, where are they located, and what do they do?
COBRA - First you have a few hundred members of the Archon families, and then you have maybe a few thousand Jesuits. I would say, the total number of Jesuits is more than ten thousand, but more than ninety percent of them are innocent people. There are just people who are very devoted to their religion and the top five to ten percent are really the bad guys of the Jesuits, and then you have a planetary Illuminati - planetary Cabal Network, which is about three to five million people. Most of those people are in that Network against their free will - they have been forced into the cult. But there is a core - a few hundred thousand Illuminati, who are devoted completely to that and this is a network which is existing in every country on the surface of the planet and it is concentrated. There is a huge concentration especially in the East Coast of the United States and now the West Coast of the United States is being very strongly activated. A lot of them are in Europe but they are actually everywhere on the planet.
J - Putin said last year that US presidents come and go, but US policy does not change, because the power of the bureaucracy is strong. The new president came to the White House with some ideas, and then people come to him with suitcases in dark suits and black ties, and explain to the president what to do. Who was Putin talking about? Why did he call these people "bureaucrats" and did not say directly about the Illuminati and the aliens?
COBRA - Because he was speaking to the mass population. He was not speaking to people who are into quote/unquote “conspiracy theories”. He was speaking to the masses and he explained in the very simple terms what is happening with the elections in the United States, so when the president is sworn he gets contacted with Kissinger agents and he is told what to do and what not to do.
J - How did Archons and Illuminati penetrate and control the situation in the USA and the USSR, and are they now trying to control Russia?
COBRA - They did not penetrate to control a situation. Basically the Jesuits infiltrated all the different interest groups, this happened centuries ago, and what is happening now is just the consequence of what was happening centuries ago, and Russia is in a good position because one huge part of that network has been cleared out of the country, not all of it, but much of it, so the concentration of those forces in Russia is much less than its now in the United States.
Basically there was a split between Western Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, which is almost 1000 years old. Jesuits are strongly against all Orthodox Christianity and they wanted to eradicate that, so this is one of the reasons why they engineered the Bolshevik Revolution and now, I would say, Putin is reversing that trend - he is clearing the consequences of the Jesuit work, which was quite active since the fall of the Romanov dynasty until the late 1980s.
J - Who and how controls the finances in the world?
COBRA - I would say, those who are collecting the cash are the Rothschilds. They are the ones who are collecting the cash for the Black Nobility families, but the whole financial system is controlled via an Artificial Intelligence computer program, which is run by JP Morgan. This is just the instrumentation of how this is implemented, but that computer program has been hacked and the Resistance Movement could take over it, but they will do so only when the Event will happen, because that will effectively crash the current financial system, since the current financial system is based on fraud and when the Light will come it collapse.
J - Tell us more about what is happening in Bohemian grove?
COBRA - I think that many people already know what's happening there. This is actually a very sad story. It's a place for ritual sacrifices. Those rituals are performed because people, who are performing them, have no understanding of reality and most of them are acting from generational trauma. They have been subjected to their own mind programming and their own trauma, and they're basically acting out their trauma. This is what is at the core of those rituals. They have been programmed into a certain belief system, which promotes evil as a principle in certain ways, so people are made to believe in this and they then carry out that because of lack of contact with their Higher Self and lack of understanding of reality.
Usually they choose locations that are vortex points for the same reason, that Catholic churches were built upon ancient temples, which were built on the vortex spots.
J - Why don't scientists and journalists tell us the whole truth?
COBRA - Basically the Academia world is controlled by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and it is controlled simply through money. If somebody wants to make a scientific career, he needs to publish a certain amount of articles, which will be published only if he follows the guidelines he receives - what can be published and what cannot be published. Journalism is the same - journalist can publish an article in the newspaper only if he follows certain guidelines, which are presented to him, so basically there are very few scientists and very few journalists that are there to break that code and publish something controversial, and most of them can lose their jobs or even get killed. There are many cases of people, who were telling the truth from the scientific community, that were silenced, arrested, killed, and this is the reason why people are afraid to speak the truth.
J - Why positive aliens can not intervene openly with the situation on the planet?
COBRA - It is simply because the Chimera group has exotic weapons, so called plasma toplet bombs, and those exotic weapons are extremely dangerous. If those weapons would be activated, planet Earth would cease to exist, so this is the main reason why the Light Forces and the positive ET races are not intervening. Otherwise they would not now, but many thousands of years ago, you know the Earth's history is very violent, started intervention with all the atrocities that were happening. The intervention would happen many times many thousands of years ago if they would know the way how to disable those exotic weapons.
It has been happening in some isolated cases, but the amount and intensity, that is happening here is unheard of. There are planets in the Rigelian star system which can be compared to planet Earth, but I would say that the amount of insanity, that is happening on planet Earth, is a cosmic extreme anomaly, it is not something that is a common occurrence. It is true that there was a lot of fighting throughout the Galaxy through the Galactic wars, where whole planets were destroyed, but those were short-term events. There were very few planets that were occupied for millions and millions of years or thousands and thousands of years with that amount of suffering and violence - this is not a common occurrence.
It is because those Forces have chosen to have this planet as their stronghold, basically it's, as I said before, it's a prime cosmic real estate. It's a very beautiful planet with a lot of biodiversity. It is very close to some of the important galactic portals and they wanted to have this planet for themselves and to breed a race of slaves on the surface of the planet, who work for them. It was not the main capital until very recently, but now it is.
J - Tell us in more details about how Resistance Movement appeared, who is now in it, where it is located, what goals does the Resistance have and what does it do?
COBRA - The core of the Resistance Movement originates from a small group of operatives that were gathered around the man with the codename Michael in the 1970s that was resisting the Cabal. He was running for his life, he was running away from the Cabal with his people and they entered through the underground sewer system in New York and went deeper and deeper underground, and when they went deep enough they found the Agartha Network. They created their stronghold there and together with certain aspects of the Agartha network they have been contacted with the positive Andromedan's, they have contacted positive aspects of Secret Space Program and created a network of bases, especially in the asteroid belt, and they started to clear the underground Cabal bases basically a few decades ago. They were actually ones, who were responsible for the existence of this planet, because otherwise this planet would be destroyed many times over. And they have received strong reinforcements in December 1999 from Planet X, which is a planet in the outskirts of this Solar system, and those reinforcements were crucial at that time because otherwise the Light would be extinguished on the planet. And those reinforcements came and are now the basis of the current Resistance Movement below the surface of the planet.
J - Tell us about other positive forces that are helping to liberate the planet.
COBRA - Okay, you're speaking about groups on the surface of the planet. There are many different groups, which you could all put into a broad term of Earth Alliance or Surface Alliance. We have the Dragon groups, we have White Nobility groups, we have positive Templar groups, we have positive military White Hats. There are many smaller interest groups that are a little bit more fragmented. There are people who belong to the Secret Space Program and are working for the Light. So, we have individuals, smaller groups, we have all quite fragmented networks throughout the planet.
I would say, there were minor improvements, but basically there is no general consensus yet. There have been quite intense negotiations behind the scenes about the nature and structure of the new financial system, which have gone quite far in theory, but we will see how this will carry out in practice.
J - What is the role of Putin, Trump and the leaders of other countries, positive military groups in the liberation of the planet? What are they doing?
COBRA - These are two different stories, so I will begin with Putin. Putin has been contacted by the Pleiadians years ago. He went through a spiritual experience and he is in most aspects working for the Light. His main purpose is to liberate especially Russia from the Cabal and then consequently also the rest of the planet from the Cabal. And with Trump it's a little bit of a different story. His main agenda is self-serving, he wants to be the boss, he wants to be number one. His only goal to create secure jobs for American people, but for the rest of it, his personality is quite unstable and sometimes he is influenced by his Jesuit handlers, and sometimes he can be contacted and influenced by the positive military and intelligence people, so it's a mixed situation. That's why we can have conflicting actions that come from him, they are not part of a super high strategy, they are just part of the chaotic structure of his personality, which is in a way a good thing, because the dark forces cannot predict what he will do and cannot act accordingly.
J - Who and why destroyed underground bases of negative aliens and Cabal in 2011 and 2012? How many bases are left now and how are they used?
COBRA - The Resistance Movement. Most of them are shallow, there are not
deep underground bases anymore, they are shallow underground bases and their number
has been greatly diminished and their power has been greatly reduced, so those places are
not the main concern anymore. Now the main concern is the surface network, which is
slowly being exposed. There has been progress. It has not been completed yet, but again
this is not the main problem.
J - How is going on the liberation of the planet, tell us about the operations in the Solar system and operations on the surface.
COBRA - I cannot tell anything about current operations. Since January 2018 there is a complete radio silence, which has been breached only once when QAnon was speaking about the satellites. Otherwise we have a complete blackout of operational Intel on the surface of the planet, which is good.
J - How will happen disclosure of information for the population on the planet?
COBRA - Simply through the mass media because people are reacting to the mass media - TV and to some extent internet. When the Event will happen - one of the things that will happen is that the Rothschild handlers will be arrested and then the top people inside the media houses will have a little bit more freedom to operate, and they will be contacted and given new scripts to read.
J -  What events and changes await people in the future?
COBRA - The first thing that will change, is people’s belief systems, because of the Disclosure and the reality of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Their horizons will expand drastically. This is the positive aspect. The not so positive aspect is that they will be suddenly faced with the reality of a vast network of the Cabal, which was handling affairs on the planet, the vast amount of abuse that was happening, and all this will be made publicly and people will be quite shocked, they will be extremely stressed when they realize what was going on, and after this first shock will happen. After this first awakening will happen there will be a complete restructuring of human society. There will be a reset of the financial system about which I was talking so many times, there will be a lot of wealth, a lot of abundance released, there will be new technologies released, there will be healing  modalities released, there will be advanced technologies introduced to the human population, and it will be just a rebirth and a much-needed healing period for humanity.
J - List and describe the new technologies which will appear in people's lives? How do they work and how they will help to humanity?
COBRA - The first are the replicators which is, I would say, the number one technology which will change life completely. A replicator is able to manifest anything from the etheric substance, so production of physical goods will not be a problem anymore - nobody will be required to work physically to produce physical items, so you will not need to work to get your car, to get your house, to get your food, this will be provided with this replicator technology. Then there will be medical technologies that will be able to heal physical bodies simply by rearranging the molecular and atomic substance with technologies that are very similar to replicators, and then there will be devices which will provide free and clean energy. Then there will be teleportation devices, which will be able to teleport you to any other location inside the network on the surface of the planet, and then later also beyond the surface of the planet, so this is just a short description of some of the technologies that will become available, but you need to understand this will be a gradual process. This will not be available Day 1 after the Event. It will be a process, which will go as fast as humanity is able to integrate the intel that will be released. So, this is just a short description of some of the technologies that will become available.
All the replicators, free-energy, Golden Age, all this is a fact, it’s not a wishful thinking, it's not a vision, it's an actual process that will happen, no matter what. But you need to understand this will be a gradual process. This will not be available Day 1 after the Event. It will be a process, which will go as fast as humanity is able to integrate the intel that will be released.
J - How much can people’s actions impact on the planetary liberation?
COBRA - The surface population can, of course, accelerate the process, make the process easier, but the process is happening regardless, because the Light forces have found that the surface population is simply not able to work constructively and cooperate together to the point that will be required for a fast and efficient transition. And this is one of the reasons why this is taking so long. So, of course, if the surface population, and especially the most awakened part of the surface population, does its job more effectively, that will definitely influence the planetary situation. Things will go faster and smoother.
Everybody has been tested dramatically, especially in 2017 year, and what is very important in times like this is to connect with your Higher Self and go for your inner guidance to your Higher Self and then act and manifest that guidance, because this is why you're here.
J - Thanks for the interview.
COBRA - Thank you for inviting me and Victory of the Light.


Read the COBRA Blog http://2012portal.blogspot.com/



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