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Разоблачитель Крамер на шоу Нури на Гайя

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Разоблачитель Крамер на шоу Нури на Гайя


well what you're about to hear on beyond
belief is truly beyond belief it's an
amazing story by captain Randy Cramer
Marine Corps and I'm going to have the
captain tell us his story because coming
from him you will understand Randy
welcome to the program well thanks for
having me - I should call you captain I
was in the Navy that's it's it's it's
unofficial you can call me Randy people
call me captain all the time but Dad I
never get picky about it I've been
researching you oh good it's an amazing
story was an interesting experience to
have I'll tell you that tell us when it
happened and what happened to you oh I
mean it all goes back to you know early
development in early childhood being a
construct of a program that was
genetically engineered built from the
ground up training program started when
I was a child when I was like four or
five years old the training program went
until I was 17 years old and it's
seventeen year olds old I was deployed
actually into the covert military space
program sent to Mars for 17 years to be
in the MDF boy on Twitter were sent to
Mars yes
how were you sent to Mars oh well via a
spaceship via a transport ship from the
moon from Luna operations command that
probably my guessing moves probably four
or five stories high that probably had
four or five thousand personnel on it at
the time what year might that have been
that would have been in 1987 all right
continue so we were put onto a transport
ship again I'm guessing about four or
five thousand people were it held you
know total and then that ship took off
from Luna operations command on the moon
and then that ship went through a
wormhole to Mars so the whole trip you
know took a few minutes and then we
landed on the tarmac at Aries premise
which was the military headquarters
corporate headquarters of the Mars
colonies and then I was sent to a
forward station far far north when I
sort of referred to as you know Alaska
region as far as I mean if you were to
compare you know longitudes and
latitudes here on planet earth it was
very very high far north so it was a
very very cold region that we were
in a place called forward Station zebra
and spent the better part of 17 years in
the MDF there Randy do you know how wild
this sounds I've had some conversations
with people and yet it's blow some
people's minds sometimes yeah do people
believe you a lot of them surprisingly
do I mean to me to me when I say it out
loud I understand how like outside the
box it sounds believe me but having
experienced it myself all I'm really
talking about is my own memories my own
perspective of how it happened when I
was there so to me it's a very
matter-of-fact set of experiences
because I was there but I get that it's
outside the normal realm with most
people's experiences and to most people
it's that so what what are you talking
about I get that I want to find out how
this project developed or where it is
today what other countries might be
doing like that absolutely you know I'm
not here to doubt you nor am I here to
destroy your story by any means I
probably just want to hear from you in
your own views and then we'll let our
beyond the leaf audience decide hey we
think this guy is telling the truth or
maybe he isn't but let me ask you this
please if you're not telling the truth
they're not that's in quotes oh okay
because we're but going on the
assumption you are right but if you're
not telling the truth what are you
getting out of this not much but I also
like to point out if I'm not telling the
truth and I am committing a number of
felonies including felony impersonating
an officer and I have encouraged people
who think that I'm not telling the truth
to report me to the FBI or to the CMC's
office in the Marine Corps I know some
people who have had those conversations
and those people are not interested in
talking to me if I was committing fraud
I would get a letter from the FBI or
from the CMC's office telling me to
cease and desist and then my attorney
and I we could get into that whole
conversation but no one sent me any
letters because I'm not committing fraud
so you're not making a million dollars
doing this no are you kidding me no if
you you know do a few speaking events
and a few interviews and I know I don't
get paid anything what do you do in your
normal life in terms of job or career oh
you know I have to work a day job at the
moment which isn't any fun but you know
it's what I have to do to pay the bills
does that day job
conflict with this story in the point
where people that you work with go or
Andy what is this
oh I don't talk to people at my day job
but what if they see this show well then
we'll have a conversation about it I'm
perfectly open to always talk about it
with anybody who wants to talk about it
I mean I'm I don't shy away from it but
I don't want to I don't want to create a
tension in a situation where I don't
need attention I mean I'm not in an
attention-grabber so I don't go around
telling people I went to Mars I mean
it's just not that big of a deal to me
but when people want to talk about I'm
more than happy to go so you're really
you're not gaining anything coming out
with this story no I know if anything in
the last six years it has cost me more
than I have ever possibly potentially
gained from this in personal
relationships in a destroyed marriage
and you know a number of other things
why because they don't believe you it I
I don't even want to discuss the
particulars of that situation let's just
say that it was well let me rephrase the
question did what you're telling us
today affect your marriage let's just
say that another a third party took
advantage of a situation in which they
felt could be exploited with someone
else's insecurities alright they took
advantage of a weakness yeah I'm reading
the picture but to say that you know
when when my ex-wife and I met she was a
you know a firm believer in my telling
the truth so and that changed and that
changed does that disappoint you it's
heartbreaking but again I'm sorry not
really here to talk about no so I'm
sorry I had to go through that and thank
you for sharing part of that whether I
appreciate that you're not the first
person to come forward with these kinds
of incredible stories when I won't be
the last and that leads us to believe
that something's going on
whatever it may be for sure so let's go
back to the recruitment portion I want
to look at a little video from deep
space insider program here we go oh yeah
if there is a breakaway civilization how
do they get people to join them is there
a recruitment process
we shall discover that getting people to
join the secret space program is more
complex than first imagined some are
asked some are made and some appear to
be taken against their will
there's recruitments where certain
individuals are picked to participate in
projects and to be a part of particular
agendas I have an experience myself of
being recruited to go off planet in 2006
to join a Mars colony and so there's
specific reasons why certain individuals
are picked and to get to the bottom of
it is not the easiest thing because I
mean you're unraveling a huge mystery I
mean there's things like quantum access
technologies that are used to target
individuals what I discovered in my
recruitment process is something called
Looking Glass technologies I was used
and something called the Orion's cube
these were names that were in the emails
connected to how I was chosen and this
isn't just tracking me in this
particular incarnation there was a pre
targeting before I was born
so a lot of kind of strategies are in
place but if we kind of look at the
bigger picture in some of these
controller groups and how they manage
timelines and how they work with these
technologies to achieve a specific
desired result these things have been in
the works for a long time and so when we
look at different elements of like the
Defense Department's and things that
happen after the Second World War
we're dealing with certain agendas that
had good intentions to start with wow I
love Laura she's fagged boss he's a
great person I know another kid a
researcher Tory I know it very well
she's fast so captain let's let's go
back to the beginning that was your
family involved in this at all or were
you the first I'm pretty certain that my
older siblings were also put into
programs because of the family's genetic
heritage and then whatever mingling that
they decided to do at the pre birth and
birthing process
both of my siblings exhibited early
childhood post-traumatic stress disorder
symptoms like I did and but I seemed to
have a better set of coping mechanisms
than they did so I'm not in complete
denial about my existence at this point
so I wouldn't say that I was the first
but I would say that I was probably a
more perfected version by that by the
did you go willingly or did they pull
you into it oh I was from what from what
I understand is that it's been told to
me there was a drawing board process in
which you know part of my mother's DNA
and my father's DNA were laid out and
then they decided which parts they
wanted to change as my entire genetic
code was you know written in a
laboratory before I was actually even
created as a life form so I was built
from the ground up as a person have you
undergone hypnotic regression sure and
what do they tell you just recovered
more clarified memories of my
experiences really more than those
experiences come out inland oh yeah
absolutely but you know what I would
point out that hypnosis is just trying
to get your brain into a natural alpha
or theta state which meditation does
anyway and so most of my memory
retrieval is through you know meditation
process to get into theta States but
hypnosis is just someone else walking
you through that process to get to those
data states so that you can retrieve
your memory your brain is like a tape
recorder and absolutely what hypnosis
does is it rewinds that tape in a
strategic way to get the answers I've
always been convinced Randy that if you
looked at a crowd of a thousand people
and people would just say hey was George
Noory in that crowd you'd probably say I
don't know right I couldn't see him but
under hypnosis it's in your brain and I
think you could pinpoint yeah he was he
was in the fourth row on the left it
happens like that now in this particular
case with you this secret program that
was what that was done how many people
do you think are involved in it today oh
goodness gracious I mean you if you want
to talk about the covert military space
program or secret space program at large
you're talking about you know hundreds
of thousands potentially millions of
at this point are they all knowledgeable
or what's happening to them or are they
you know walking around in two days it's
all compartmentalized so depending on
where you are what stage of your service
in or whether they've you know sent you
back and put you quote-unquote back into
your timeline to you know have your live
out your fate or your destiny as some of
them sometimes it's referred to and most
of the time most of those people are
returned with repressed memories so they
don't remember much of it they often
have like I did a series of emotional
psychological attachments or traumas
associated with their experience but the
linear conscious memory is often
detached but if you're still in service
then you're actively remembering what's
going on at that time but for security
reasons they pretty much suppress
people's memories when they return them
so it's I'd say that the majority of
people who have returned from service
have little or no understanding or
memory of what they've experienced I get
emails from people all the time who are
in the process of recovering memory and
are in the process of getting there but
who are absolutely not even at a stage
where they want to go public or do an
interview or I mean they it's the last
thing that they want to do they're still
trying to figure out what's going on
with themselves they're in an an earlier
state when I say earlier state that I
was in myself which is very confusing
because is it frustrating incredibly
because you you get these memories
they're very clear they're very vivid
they're often incredibly visceral and
emotionally traumatic but because they
don't match a linear map to what you
think you understand your life is it
doesn't make any sense and so while
you're missing those linear components
you're like well okay I remember this it
feels incredibly real it feels traumatic
it's very vivid but where's the linear
connection how in the world that I get
there and so a lot of people don't know
what to make of their experiences or you
know they do like I did for a certain
amount of time which is question their
mental health I was gonna say you think
you were going crazy Fred Times
absolutely it the thing that changed
that which I was so grateful for I had a
very dear friend who is a psychiatrist
actually and we were sitting in my
living room day having a cup of tea and
I said to him I said you know I'm really
not sure what's going on with my
at the moment I said I either have this
amazing crazy case of post traumatic
stress disorder that I need to sort out
or I'm absolutely bonkers and I'm really
not sure where to go with that and he
was so cool and calm about it he was
like whoa okay let's break out the book
and he pulled out the DSM for which it
was the for at that time right and said
let's look at your symptoms let's look
at all of these other possibilities
let's look at schizophrenia let's look
at schizoaffective disorder let's look
at bipolar disorder and we went through
one and ruled them all out and we ruled
them all out until we got to
post-traumatic stress disorder and it
was you know one two three four all the
way down the line so it was at that
point I felt medically convinced by a
medical professional that we had looked
at my behavioral health I did not have
enough of symptoms to be labeled or
classified as any of the other
behavioral health conditions and I had a
solid link to medical post-traumatic
stress disorder which then meant that
the experiences that I were having were
in fact real traumatic experiences that
I had to sort out so are you in the
program now which program in the Mars or
the moon program I'm still a part of
United States Marine Corps special
section officers have life commissions
which means I don't ever get to get out
until the day I die going to CIA or the
mob yeah a little bit
and so I will continue to do my work and
be associated with them and you know
have communications with the command
staff but I'm definitely in a unique
position where there's plenty of other
people within the program that don't
want me you know talking publicly and
plenty of other people why are you
talking public because my Brigadier
General and the command staff asked me
to talk publicly really why yeah well
they feel well I guess the long and
short of that is they feel that the
conversations with our extraterrestrial
friends and business partners has been
that we're supposed to have a global
disclosure moment so that people can
come into the know and the awareness of
that so that we can be making when I say
we we as an entire civilization as the
people can make informed decisions about
what's going on and what we're doing
people can't vote you know as an in make
an informed decision there's no real
see making informed decisions that
people don't know the truth about what
they're voting for what decisions
they're making so there are a number of
extraterrestrials who believe that
that's important that it's important
that people aren't lied to that it's
important we don't lie to the public
that it's important that we bring
everybody into a truthful awareness so
there's been this conversation for
decades on when that's supposed to be
the command staff feels like that we and
when I use this other weed that those
within the covert military space program
projects have delayed and delayed and
delayed and delayed that process to the
point of it harming civilization as we
know it and so the command staff decided
with a lot of other personnel with a lot
of other officers within Radian Guardian
that they needed to pick a spokesperson
to have a conversation to talk to the
gentleman and there was a short list of
officers from what I understand at first
and that was whittled down and
eventually got to me so were you
reluctant in the bed first oh yeah when
my Brigadier asked me said you want to
go public with your story I was furious
I said are you kidding me no I
absolutely do not want to go public with
my story I'm not going to be that I'm
not gonna be that I'm gonna be that guy
are you kidding me no I don't want to do
this we had conversations I would say
over about a two-week period it really
took some convincing he really had to
kind of have a lot of conversations
about the pros the cons what was better
or not better about you know me doing
that and I was convinced over time but
at first no I was incredibly reluctant
and had no interest in doing this job
what so well I've got to tell you where
India I have interviewed in my career
thousands of people thousands of people
there's an element of belief to you I'm
looking for body language I'm looking
for signs and I don't see it from you
well when when I was first talking with
my Brigadier and we were discussing how
I should talk or you know whether I
should how I should present the
information have you been schooled in
this interview no no no no just like I
said in the very beginning we were when
my Brigadier and I were having
conversations about how to talk to
people or how to talk to the public and
one of my questions was what do you want
me to tell people
you know how do you want me to package
information how do you want me to do
this and he basically said it is the
most important thing that you do nothing
other than tell the truth you said don't
package anything in a way that isn't
truthful that isn't honest don't
misrepresent yourself in any way shape
or form he said the most important thing
that we want you to do is be 100% honest
100% truthful all the time
he said now there may be certain things
that you don't want to tell people or
you don't want to share because you
think it may be a little too outside the
box and he said that's your call if you
don't want I want outside the box he
says if you've had an experience that
you think is a little too outside the
box and you don't want to talk about he
says that's up to you he said I just
want to make sure that you understand
you always be honest you always tell the
truth and you never deviate from that as
much as possible because people can feel
that people can hear it people can sense
it and the last thing we want is for
people to think that you're not being
honest or truthful so I from day one I
have endeavored to just be to sort of
get out of my own way as it were when I
talk to people about this and just tell
people the absolute truth from the best
of my recollection of what I remember
happened so let's talk about the moon
trip first and then bars and you can
explain to us some of the things that
I'm gonna ask you in a second when did
the moon trip occur the first one for
you the first one yeah oh I mean the
first one would have been childhood it
took you as a kid oh we started training
when I was probably about four or five
years old we landed on the moon
officially 1969 unofficially we landed
on the moon a couple of decades before
that so you think we went to the moon
before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin
the military had the first lunar base I
believe built about 1955 who might be
the first American on the moon if it
wasn't Neil Armstrong some nameless
covert military space program astronaut
who will probably never know I mean III
certainly don't know who well anybody
died of tragedy on the moon I would say
almost certainly in the early days
because even though they were using
advanced reverse-engineered technology
from extraterrestrial vehicles that we
had recovered in the 40s it's still the
early days so mistakes mistakes
were made and I'm sure people died in
the brush Armstrong an altar and know
about this program there's some
discussion about that but most people
internally agree that they had some
briefing about that in fact they knew
that when they got there one of their
main missions was to look for and/or
explore artifacts or a very old crashed
vehicle or facilities did they find them
my understanding is they did my
understanding that was part of his job
and they did all right so you go there
as a kid
yep why take a kid to the Moon training
the training process from four years old
to 17 years old
it was vast are you in a spacesuit no
most of the time it's on in this base
called Luna Operations Command which is
a vast underground facility that has
some top ground facility but most of it
is you know stories and levels and
levels remember landing there I can
remember coming in a couple times on a
tr-3b and entering into a hangar coming
down on an elevator and it encloses and
in the elevator top comes that basically
comes down onto a landing platform it
drops which is and that turns out to be
a large elevator drops down and develop
ater the landing platform closes and
then it's in a large hangar which is
like stacks and stacks of bookshelves
it's all underground yeah except each
bookshelf is you know a square unit that
a ship can park in and how many people
are with you on this journey it would
vary but I would say on the vehicle at
any given time anywhere from fifteen to
thirty other recruits or passengers
primarily kids primarily of the same age
group of whatever I was at the time so
if I was five it was a bunch of
five-year-olds if I was ten it was a
bunch of ten year olds if I was thirteen
it was a bunch of thirteen yes so at
what age did you stop going to the moon
I mean I don't know about stopped going
I mean it was on and off all the way up
until you know my deployment to my tour
when I was seventeen and then the return
trip was a stop at the moon
and then you started going to Mars and
then get into anis right and then after
the tour of duty to Mars it was another
return trip back to Luna Operations
Command for what they call age-reversing
what are they doing there what do you
mean what are they doing there like what
are they doing what they're there for
what are they doing there what's the
purpose to have the largest forward
operating station for the covert
military space program that's not based
on planet Earth because the most secure
place you can have something is where no
civilian can walk across a boundary line
across a fence and no one can walk
across you know from here to the moon or
across that fence across that yard so to
speak without a spaceship so it's the
most secure place to have a covert
military operating facilities on the
moon or farther out amazing there truly
is a but I'm gonna understand they're
doing everything they're they do
training there they're doing science
experiments there there's a certain
amount of civilian personnel that come
to visit to observe what's going on in
the covert military space program
there's financier bankers who are
dealing with the money side of the
program it's it's a massive massive
military facility and the facility is
just huge how do they build it over time
you know keep digging down and down and
building larger must have sent equipment
oh yeah
digging equipment yep so the size of the
crafts to get that stuff there must have
been huge some of them were probably
pretty big some of the early Aurora
saucer craft are you know the size of a
football field I mean they're 100 you
know hundred meters 300 feet wide or so
so they could you know you could put a
whole bunch of a construction equipment
on a vehicle that big The Whistleblower
William Tompkins talks a lot about this
I was designed to design for the Navy
about 16 18 different classes of us
maybe battle group ships which didn't
exist and these were the larger ones or
one kilometer to six kilometer these
ships fly in space their spacecraft
carriers I designed US Navy spacecraft
carriers which finally got built back in
the late 70s up in Utah underneath the
ground and that sea you've seen the
pictures of US Navy spaceships solar
warden so solar warden came out of a
think tank inside of engineering at
Douglas and a whole lot of other stuff
came out why would he be lying
oh he's not know the I spent the end of
my 20-year career as a pilot aboard the
EB FSS Nautilus the Nautilus is one of
those ships that's you know a couple
months his designs yeah yeah it's
basically an aircraft carrier that's
like a long tube geez Brandi it's
absolutely amazing the story so you're
on the moon you're doing things you're
doing studies what was the time period
you would stay at any given time
I would say anywhere from about 16 hours
to two or three weeks at a time
so nothing really longer than that no
that was usually a training session were
they constantly replacing personnel or
were people there for 3-4 years I don't
know what the typical tour of duty for
people at Luna operations command is but
I know there is a constant rotation of
personnel when I was in the MDF we had a
weekly rotation of you know we would
lose people that would die and then we
would end up having you know new people
come in every week we had the the
kitchen staff the galley staff which was
basically civilian contractors who would
come in and service you know food would
rotate out about every three or four
weeks so you know they had a rotation
that was about every month or a month
and a half was there anybody born on the
moon not that I could say personally
aware of I wouldn't be surprised if at
some point that was a scientific
experiment because that would be truly
an extraterrestrial right they were yeah
I know that they the colonies on Mars
have had people actually born on Mars
since then who then our earth
transplants but if they're born there
then they're not earthling the marker
they're they're human Martians yeah
they're Martians I wonder if they're
considered citizens of this planet they
are not considered terrestrial citizens
they're considered citizens of the Mars
colonies and because of the gravity they
can never come back here all right let's
move on to Mars for a second when you
started going to Mars did they have a
fully equipped base at the time or were
you in its infancy as well oh no I would
say that everything had been well
developed I mean I felt like when I
showed up there I was showed up in the
middle of a well-oiled machine operation
I need to get going on four years before
I got there what's the advantage of
being on Mars what are they doing there
I don't know about the advantage but
they trying to sustain and defend the
colonies which I can't say I know much
about we never got to go to the colonies
or see them we were kept very separate
from them my understanding is the
colonies are engaged in mining
operations agricultural operations
basically anything and everything that a
colony would want to do to say both
self-sufficient and to be able to create
enough excess of something to trade back
to the planet or somewhere else for
profits because these have to be
financially profitable ventures
according to the financial people who
are in charge of them but as a military
operative our job was simply to Accu pi
the base in which we occupied and to
patrol and defend or protect a certain
grid territory that was on our map to
defend and protect our other countries
there absolutely yeah I would say what
used what they used to call the g8
countries I would say that list of
countries their personnel from all of
those countries that are at some point
in part of the you know covert
militaries we bring them along yeah
absolutely I mean those people my
understanding is that each country who
participates takes personnel and a
parcel and that parcel is then handed
over in a stack of paperwork to the code
at military space program activities
somebody some bureaucrats some low-level
officers junior officers at Luna
Operations Command get that stack of
paperwork on what that personnel is and
then their job is to assign those
personnel to the various positions
within the program that they need to put
bodies into at any given time because of
space and distance how long were you on
Mars about seven little over 17 years 70
straight yeah continuous yeah absolutely
I lived there you were on Mars for 17
straight years 17 years three months 14
days did it feel like a prison sentence
no I mean it didn't feel like that it
felt like a lengthy deployment you know
it felt like this is where we were gonna
be for a long time I'd say after the
first few years we were pretty
acclimated that this is just what we
were gonna do until you know we were not
doing it anymore until we either dead or
got sent back did you have a salary I
was supposed to be accruing a salary
that was supposed to go into an account
that I was supposed to get later but
that turns out to be sort of a lie that
they tell everybody because so you got
nothing got nothing you were on Mars for
17 years of course you didn't have to
worry about rent no food was provided
yeah men health care and you thought
you're earning accruing the paycheck
that was everything that you figured we
would have how much by the time you came
back oh it should have been you know it
should have been well you know it's been
well over a million dollars yeah and you
had nothing I got nothing did you feel
cheated well since I couldn't remember
right away I didn't feel anything about
it but once I started to remember the
process I got pretty angry about being
cheated in that process
are they stiffing everybody oh
absolutely it's how they save money you
know by not paying their person it's
there's essentially this very quasi gray
line with you know what's slavery and
not slavery which is another thing that
a lot of our extraterrestrial friends
are unhappy about because there there
are other worlds that we have you know
agreements and treaties with who think
that slavery is essentially an immoral
unethical activity and that we have
treaties and contract sign that we're
not supposed to engage in acts of
slavery so as long as we're doing things
that are quasi slavery then we have
these disagreements about
we're supposed to do it so we're
disclosing for the first time on this
program that the secret space program
isn't pain its employees a vast number
of them a vast number of them are being
told that they're going to be paid when
it'll be going to be paid later gonna be
told that they're gonna get rotated back
get a nice cushy job you know with a
pension and do that you can you well I'm
in a process with my congressman's
office to get paperwork to get papers to
get documents and what should at some
point end up probably in a settlement
but you know that's just gonna take
it'll be sealed you know that
oh I'm fine with that I really don't
care if you know they take me into a
room and say here you can look at this
here you know we'll give you the subject
but you can't ever talk about this I'm
fine with that I understand the
protocols and I'm fine with that well
you must be driving them crazy now I
know that some people are perfectly
happy with what I'm doing because they
know it needs to be discussed and I know
that there's other people who absolutely
hate my guts for doing it so you know
whatever tell me about Tony Rodriguez
nice guy whistleblower I've spoken to
him he seems like a really nice guy and
he has a way of recollecting his version
of events that seem incredibly
legitimate to me that recall events that
seem beyond his ability to fabricate
them and certainly he has discussed a
few different things that I have also
experienced that you know make his his
recollection seemed completely
legitimate to me I'll have you verify
what we're about to see what Michael
Salah and Tony Rodriguez sure but I got
lost and I saw two guys in a military
uniform but they were aliens one guy was
like I want to say he looked like a cat
but it wasn't the case he had coarse
orange hair he was shorter and stocky
and he had kind of like he was ugly
looking you know he's ugly I really
don't know how to describe more than
that he had hair and the other guy was
smaller and he was more of a fish yet
like a fish eyes and a snout you know
what I mean and they were together and I
walked because they were in uniform I
thought that you know that they were
and the army like I was or whatever I
was in you know the fleet I thought they
were part of the fleet so I asked them
I'm lost can you guys help me out and
they said I had to wear a collar a slave
collar there was a correction collar and
you would get electric electrified if
you if you were disciplined and they saw
my collar and said what are you doing
talking to us don't even talk to us how
are you even out here you don't have
money and they were you know what are
you doing here they immediately you know
what makes you think we're gonna help
you and and it was it was a telepathic
communication I said I'm lost can you
just tell me how to get back to my
hangar to the hangar area and they said
how you can't even get to the hangar
area guys like you don't even have money
I said I got money and as soon as I
showed them my money the one punched me
and I they basically beat me up and took
my money I got mugged please what do you
think of them that sounds like a
legitimate experience it does it does
absolutely does now he called the et
ugly beauty is in the eyes of the
ABB's they probably thought he was a I'm
sure that they did yeah but these things
are happening the way he described it I
I would suggest that one of the probably
most interesting things that I got to do
when I was stationed on the Nautilus was
go on to diplomatic missions and
diplomatic missions to the intergalactic
space station that orbits around Jupiter
which is essentially a diplomatic
meeting area for hundreds of species and
us and them coming of tell me did you
meet meet personally I would say several
dozen see hundreds hundreds because the
main meeting room is this large room
that's like several hundred meters wide
with you know Florida ceilings probably
70 or 80 feet high with I want to say
glass but it probably wasn't you know
silicon glass windows that went all the
way around that you had this amazing
view they all look different as we
varied and different as you can possibly
say I would say the smallest extra
trevor saw was probably about 1824
inches high and the largest one was
probably 60 feet tall 60 feet but saul
feet tall yeah did it look human
humanoid in the sense you know two arms
two legs
no bipedal you know you could identify
you could certainly identify it by
looking at it but I wouldn't say that it
just looked like you were I see
defeat all it had some other sort of
distinguishing features and would you
say the ETS were all benevolent or not
in that particular location
everyone who's there is there to have a
conversation about trade contracts
negotiations so everyone's on their best
behavior everyone's being nice it's
usually not a bunch of you know grunts
you know arguing about its its diplomats
its officers it's people out of various
you know ambassadorial or diplomatic
cores having conversations so everyone's
pretty cordial there everyone's pretty
cordial captain Kramer do you wake up
sweating and upset I used to have night
terrors yeah I used to I don't have them
so much anymore lots of therapy is you
know gotten me to an okay place where I
can talk about a lot of things have
undergone psychiatric counseling um I'm
sure absolutely not had done to
counseling I went to a psychiatrist for
a while oh yeah absolutely
medication um antidepressants
anti-anxiety medication for a little
while to deal with the depression and
the anxiety yeah you off that now oh
yeah for years how many people do you
think come out of these programs the
same way I would say that most people
come out of these programs having had a
series of experiences that have either
shocked them traumatized them or unnerve
them in a way that they're
psychologically unsteady because of it
and it takes you know a certain amount
of just going through some kind of
healing process to get to be able to
where you can feel stable again you
served in the Marine Corps you took an
oath I served in the Navy I took an oath
and feel as if we've done things for
country absolutely do you think being in
these programs you've done something for
our country or do you feel used and
abused I know that my oath was to
protect my planet and my people from you
know anything and everything that could
do it harm and so in that sense I feel
like I've done my job than I did what I
was supposed to do I certainly feel I
feel taken advantage by the bureaucratic
sin the system I feel that my military
commanders you know did their best to
train me the best that they could to
treat me that the best they could with
respect and dignity and honor
and that they continue to do so but
there is definitely a disconnect between
what certain military personnel think
should happen and what is okay and the
way to treat people and the way certain
members of the bureaucratic
administrative part thing that it's okay
to treat people there's a major
disconnect there for sure do you have
children none at this time all right if
you did would you want them in this
program that's a tough call on the one
hand I wouldn't necessarily want them to
have my experiences right on the other
hand I would have to say that if that
was you know their destiny to have to go
through that then you know I would just
want to be the best parent in the world
to try and support them in that process
and their recovery in that process would
you go through what you went through
again not voluntarily no not voluntary
but it take you but at the same time you
know I can't look back at those
experiences and say I wouldn't want them
as part of my life experience they make
me who I am and they certainly are the
best and the worst of everything that
I've ever experienced so that's a tough
one I mean I wouldn't necessarily go
back and say yeah I volunteered to do
this again but I wouldn't go back and
take it away either because there's too
much value as a human being that I've
gained from those experiences to want to
undo them what would your commanding
officer say once he sees this interview
where do you go right on Randy you got
the message out that we wanted you to or
you said too much what would he say
um he's made it very clear that as the
spokesperson it's my job to just speak
clearly and honestly and truthful and
that it's not up for anybody else to
judge whether I'm doing the right job or
not the first couple of interviews that
I did I remember discussing this with
him and asking him you know did I do
okay and he kind of hemmed and hawed and
I was like what what did I not do is
like well you kind of softballs a little
bit and I was like what do you mean I
softball he said well you kind of you
went out there not really being you and
I was like oh you mean you want me to
sort of you know curse and swear yell
and scream some more and he was like
well if that's you then be you he said I
don't want you to go out there and put
on a present
tation for people i want you to go out
there and tell people the truth and be
you so I felt like the first couple of
interviews that I did I was you know
trying to be a little stiffer sure and
you know that his only advice was to
just you know loosen up and be you and
so the more I feel like I'm just being
honest and being myself then I'm doing
the right thing so do you miss the
program hardly but you know oddly enough
sometimes I do
oddly enough sometimes I do there is a
certain to make friend sir oh absolutely
yeah yeah absolutely there is a certain
certainty about service in combat that
makes your life black and white and
clear in certain ways and I guess
sometimes I miss that because trying to
be a navigate civilian life is very
cloudy and very grey sometimes and it's
not always so clear what you're supposed
to do or what the right thing to do is
or what choice ABCD or e you're supposed
to take when you're serving in a
military unit it's much more clear you
know you do this you don't do this and
so sometimes I miss that simplicity sure
what would you say Randy was your best
experience either on the moon or on Mars
that just was so fulfilling for you
we were actually my squad and I were
captured by indigenous Reptoids on Mars
and spent five and a half months living
with them and I assured yeah like in
they're not all friendly we were in a
constant state of military combat with
two indigenous species and insectoid
species and a Reptoid species which then
got more complicated when the draconian
invasion occurred and then it was a very
complicated sort of war concert of
violence very very violent on a vert on
a regular basis I mean we were in
probably active combat engagements every
three to four did we lose personnel all
the time
and did they all the time what kind of
weaponry would we use our prime for
soldiers on the ground our primary
weapon Ria's a magnetic propelled
Ralph's rifle or a Gauss cows gun or a
that fires out you know magnetically
propelled slugs and if it hits one of
these beans what happens depending on
who it is
or depending on the size of the slug it
you know usually penetrates and goes
right through em and then kill some and
doesn't necessarily kill him right away
depending on their internal structure
the indigenous Reptoids had a double
circulatory system they had two hearts
with it what I would call an internal
organ circulatory system and then a
perimeter external circulatory system so
you could shoot holes in their arms and
legs and they wouldn't lose blood
pressure well they wouldn't lose blood
pressure in their central organs so you
really had to aim for you know you had
to hit a couple vitals in the central
area before they would go down so it's
violent they're very very it's not as
friendly as one would think
no it's an incredibly violent experience
did you meet any ETS you liked yeah no
absolutely I mean like I said when we
were captured and we actually were the
whole purpose wasn't you know to torture
us for five months the whole purpose was
actually for us to live among them for
five months so that we could go back
with an experience to say you know
they're not all bad you know and kind of
have this Congress did you live with
them in a subterranean community they
all live underground the Moon or Mars on
Mars yeah on Mars in their craft
they have craft but we didn't ever see
them they didn't ever use them they had
sort of chosen to live in a state of
what I would say is sort of a more
chosen primitive state than what their
technology could allow them to do
because they feel that technology is
what destroyed their atmosphere and
nearly destroyed their planet in the
first place and so they were trying to
live a little bit differently but I
would also you know say that that was
specific to this particular group or
you know this community or that lived in
this particular area that if you went
global you know with the indigenous
Reptoids they're not all on the same
page about that depending on what part
of the planet you landed on or engage
with them with would greatly vary the
experience that you would have with them
can you describe what they look like
sure I mean they looked like a bipedal
I would call sort of a rock lizard so
not like a crocodile or an alligator
kind of yeah I mean they have a shorter
snout pterence company you love this one
yeah have a shorter snout they tend to
have a reddish to Sandy colored skin or
scale walk upright or walk upright on
two legs but there is quite a bit of
variation in the patterning that can
show up on their scaling so they often
would have black yellow red you know
some very interesting patterning on
their scales would you any I would say
they height wise could vary from about
five and a half feet tall most seven
feet how do they communicate they
communicate verbally they can speak some
of them are very developed and they can
communicate Sion they have their own
language absolutely they do yeah how is
their pitched voice I would say again
that depends on the heights just like us
you know a bigger person with a bigger
set of lungs is going to have a deeper
voice and it's not necessarily yeah but
you know I would say that it the main
variation is in their tongue and their
palate so our tongue and our palate is a
strong dictator in how our speech sounds
their tongue and their palate is a
strong dictator and how their language
sounds so they're not as benevolent as
one would think
dr. David Jacobs may be correct when he
says there's an evil presence with some
of these I would say some of them are
more enlightened than others just like
human beings are a little more
enlightened than others but you know
like everybody they can have an
aggressive nature to them they can have
a warlike nature to them and you know
you get into a conflict with them and
they can resort to their primal angry
ourselves just like we do in a combat
situation some of the tribes are
definitely very warlike and if you met
them you'd probably just be food if you
couldn't win the fight so they eat us oh
sure yeah so The Twilight Zone show to
serve man was correct well I mean you
know they certainly some of them see us
as a completely different species a
completely different type of animal and
so you know we can certainly be on the
menu how many bases are there that we
have oh I would say hundreds probably
but I have no idea the actual scattered
all over the honey yeah
he easily hundreds if not thousands but
I couldn't give you a number what about
the ETS I would say more they probably
have even more bases and more stations
than we do because there's at least
three or four intelligent species that
live on Planet on Mars at least three or
four that I'm aware of
I've only met two of them are we
concerned that they're there there's
obviously we can't get rid of them I
wouldn't say concerned my understanding
is the main purpose of continuing to
engage in military conflict is to test
weaponry and to test tools so we
certainly see that as a testing ground
for you know military technology to just
get better and better and better so in
some ways it's just what we do there and
it's you know it's a perfectly good
testing ground for that material at this
point have you seen some of their craft
up front
um not the indigenous species on Mars
I've seen other extraterrestrial craft
but not the indigenous species who live
on Mars and are we still recruiting
people to go there absolutely I mean
people some people are engineered from
the ground up like myself and then
parceled into a program and then
deployed some people are recruited from
covert military covert black programs or
other officer programs and people are
requested or asked to and some people
are just you know told you know you're
getting redeployed and gets sent there
Billy Carson has been on the deep-space
Gaea program and he talks about worker
obviously being recruited for missions
such as Randy Cramer was on would have
to be difficult to say the least how
could they get anyone to volunteer for
such dangerous work I believe there are
a lot of missing people on this planet
thousands of people document are
disappearing every single year now
there's a book that came out called
alternative three and the third option
was to actually have a breakaway
civilization on another planet and in
this plan they also needed to take
people you had to have people in
specific industries doctors you had to
have farmers you have to have you have
all different types of people from all
different types of arenas so that you
can actually populate this new
civilization and create the
infrastructure along with that it's very
possible that they have used some type
of an MK ULTRA or mind-controlling
device or even a serum to convince
people or to take people off this planet
what a story yeah I'm sure that happens
all the time
if you went out on the streets today
Randy and pulled people and told them
that your story what do you think they'd
say it depends on the person you know I
certainly get enough for random people
who you know want to you know give me a
high five and say I totally believe
you're Indian you know I've get I get
occasional hate mail from people who you
know think that I'm fraudulent to so if
guy I paid for it would you take a
polygraph test in a heartbeat you would
not only would I take a polygraph test
you can give me a shot at try penile
sodium in the arm and you can give me a
truth serum and I'll take a polygraph
test interesting yeah it may do this in
a heartbeat let's do it in a heartbeat
interesting take I've offered that a
number of times no one's taken me report
the results on the program absolutely
I've offered that a number of times and
no one's ever taken me up on it but I do
it in a heartbeat
that would be intriguing in a heartbeat
yeah and if you pass it it tells us
volumes about what's going on I got no
problem with that I'm happy to do it
happy to do it I have thrown that
gauntlet down for years and no one's
picked it up so please be the first
we'll get our staff to work don't do it
and see where we get to it you live on
the Oregon side of the coast are you but
we can get you back and probably do it
here it's a short flight you know some
great law enforcement polygraph
examiner's that's what I've heard
do it alright we'll do it they'll do it
and have they'll analyze you first and
they'll say he's qualified to do it some
people aren't sure yeah I'm happy to do
it where does this program go now in
your opinion it's gonna continue to go
on and on and on and on what we
understand one of the other main reasons
why we feel that disclosure is fairly
important is this reason itself is
because their personnel shortfalls and
as long as their personnel shortfalls
that we have to kidnap or force people
into recruitment we're in that you know
quasi slavery area which you know
violates treaties that we've signed with
other species and we think the most
ethical way to go through with this is
to have a publicly aware program so that
people can volunteer I can tell you
right now I get enough emails from
people who are asking me how do I
volunteer how do I become like I'm
surprised that you even asked me that
but there are plenty of people who if
you gave them the opportunity to you
know go into a recruiting center in site
sign me up
they would sign up in a heartbeat Travis
Walton of course from fire in the sky
who was zapped aboard a craft a long
time ago and was witnessed by his lager
buddies all passed polygraph tests all
of them right they all passed polygraph
tests what does it tell you about these
stories because there are a number of
others out there like you who don't say
what you just said put me through a
polygraph test what if they say I don't
want to do it how does that tell you
any anyone who's putting themselves in a
gray area of not willing to be
scrutinized is gonna make me question
whether the being completely honest or
not I think that anyone who feels like
they're coming from an honest place
shouldn't shy away from that kind of
scrutiny at all they should be more than
willing to be scrutinized if they're
telling the truth I think so without any
doubt without any doubt at all and you
know coming from someone like you who's
been there before would you say there
are a lot of people out there who are
making this up or jumping on this
bandwagon I think there's a complicated
answer to that which is from
some of what I understand and have heard
some people talk about their stories I
think you have a class of people who are
absolutely positively telling the truth
to the best of their ability I think you
have some people whose information may
have been tampered with in their own
minds and their own brains and so
they're telling a version of events that
other people want them to tell I think
that there are other people who have
simply not gone through the personal
memory recovering process or healing
process to get to true accurate
recollections of their memories so that
they may simply be recollecting things
that are not completely accurate but I
don't necessarily think that it's
intentional so and I think there's
probably one or two people that are just
out and out might be lying but I think
it's so far most of the people that I
have seen who are talking about this are
putting themselves in a position of
personal risk or putting themselves a
position of not you know there's nobody
and why would they do it and there's
nobody that I know who's making a bunch
of money at it so they're not doing it
for the money they're not doing it for
the you know maybe if they're doing it
for you know a teeny little bit of Fame
that they might be getting but most of
them are doing it because they feel like
you know it's their duty or part of you
know them being a part of a truth you
know movement to tell the truth but
again whether they're actually telling a
hundred percent the truth or not is not
necessarily up to them or maybe they
just haven't gone through a deep
recollection process to get to the
absolute truth I can tell you that the
memory recovery process was long arduous
and complicated for me and the main
issue is that you're facing traumatic
memories and your brain doesn't
necessarily want to face traumatic
memory so when you hit those traumatic
memories the first thing that it wants
to do is steer you away from them and so
I can just say that it took an intense
amount of personal will to just keep
barreling through each traumatic memory
so that I would my mantra was I want the
truth the whole truth and nothing but
the truth so help you God right so that
was what I got but some people maybe
haven't done that and so maybe their
brains haven't given them the complete
truth that they
should be telling the truth but again
I'm not accusing anybody of you know
fabricating anything on purpose or
telling lies on purpose because I don't
I haven't met or talked to anyone who's
doing that most of the people I'm
talking to of either doing the best that
they can to recollect the truth or just
might not have gotten to the truth or in
some cases may have had their brains
tampered with in order to tell a version
of events that is not completely
accurate but that someone else wants
them to tell captain Kramer what is the
twenty and back program well they
basically figure that a tour duty in
order for them to make all their money
requires a 20-year tour so 20-year tour
duty is essentially you a commitment of
20 years yeah you deploy someone for a
20-year tour of duty and then you return
them and the return process they do you
know what we sort of what is called
age-reversing but it really has nothing
to do with that at all because the body
that you're in is pretty much so badly
damaged that they have to you know throw
it in the trash bin after 20 years yeah
so from what I understand they basically
have to hatch you out a new clone that's
the same age that when you left and
transfer your soul in your consciousness
do some complicated technological and do
that too it's a quantum fluid dynamic
from what I understand that the soul is
actually a quantum fluid dynamic and so
in that sense it can be removed from one
vessel and put into another and item
obviously I was unconscious for the
process I can't tell you how it was done
was it done to you oh absolutely you're
in a different body yeah absolutely yet
your soul and your personality and
everything memory that has all been
transferred absolutely I'm not sure
about the soul being able to do that
memory maybe they may have that ability
to download and transfer well again but
my understanding is that the soul is a
quantum fluid dynamic and so being a
quantum fluid dynamic it can be
quote-unquote pumped from one vessel and
put back into another again that's not
my area so I couldn't tell you you know
how the science works behind that but
from what I've had the way I've had it
explained to me that's how it's done
what happened to your old body where is
it dumped in the incinerator I'm sure
does it bother you
no it's not really you like you
does I mean as much as it should be
because I looking at touch her hands
yeah sure I mean I look in the mirror
and I see humans I see me looking back
so it feels like me as much as it could
be so you know it was this body made in
a laboratory as near as I can understand
yeah hatched out of a clone you know -
same with your face and everything or
you're a total clone of who you were the
physical body absolutely you know yet
you have memory from your past right
because they put they take everything
that's internal into the old body and
put it into the new one and you're just
you know the same person you look in the
mirror you're younger but it's the same
you feels like the island of dr. Moreau
it's a little weird sometimes if I think
about it if I think about it too much it
will like twist my brain a little bit so
I try not to think about it too much is
it difficult for you now to have a
relationship because of all of this um
it can be a strain it can be a strain do
you cry I can have all kinds of emotions
about the process at different times but
you know I'm also completely okay with
who I am I'm completely okay with who I
am I'm okay being in the skin that I'm
in I'm okay having my experiences that
I've had I'm okay knowing that I have to
live my life the way that I have to live
my life so I'm okay with me and you
would do it again and anybody who's not
okay with me is you know that's their
problem but not mine so but you'd do it
again the same program again not
necessarily by choice but at the same
time I wouldn't undo the experiences
that I've had no glad it's happened to
you or would you prefer that it never
did I kind of have to think of it like
my tour of duty is like a giant crap
filled with crap up to here with whipped
cream and a cherry on top and so I had
to go through finish off a whole crap
milkshake but then at the end there was
this you know whipped cream and cherry
on the top that kind of almost makes it
worth it that I just wouldn't want to
trade anything for so I just accept both
with that except the good in the bad
with that what's the title of your
upcoming book
we haven't secured the is been number
four yet so I'm keeping it under my hat
we're absolutely done but it will be I
don't know when we're gonna air this but
it's from today's date it should be
anytime within the next couple of months
and it's on the subject matter obvious
oh it's the volume one of three that
it's gonna be of my memoirs which will
basically be my Mars XO you're going
public in a big way absolutely
ya know I've been working I've been told
that I should work on it for the last
six years and it's just been such a
traumatic process to sit down and try
and write the experiences that I just
it's just been a back and forth back and
forth process and I just kind of had to
end up in my own psychological emotional
basement to be able to do it so and
you're ready yeah absolutely
captain thanks for being on be habló oh
thank you my pleasure thanks for having
me to appreciate a pleasure
he says he'll take a polygraph test
you've offered to him what an amazing
moment that would be if he takes him and
passes I'm George Noory and thanks for
watching beyond belief
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